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Object Properties

Name: The name of the object.
The drop down list next to this is used to set the relative position of the label. The choices are NSEW (as in the positions on a compass), C for centred and " " for hidden. A "*" is shown for labels which have been dragged to other positions.
The Lock button locks the label position such that it cannot be dragged from it's current position relative to the parent object.
Address: Specifies the IP address used by the programmable function buttons.
Object Type
: Name of the object as shown in the Object Library.
X/Y Scale: Used to enlarge or reduce the Bitmap.
Layer: Sets the order which the object is drawn. The background and grid lines are drawn first followed by objects in layers 5 to 3, then links are drawn and then objects in layers 2 to 0 are uppermost. The "Send to Back" and "Bring to Front" buttons on the toolbar moves the selected objects through the different layers. 
Float Text: Text which appears when the cursor hovers over an object.
Diagrams may be linked together such that one or more special objects in a diagram provide a link to other diagram files. To follow a link to another diagram, right click the object and select "Goto next diagram". Configure an object to be a link to another diagram, in the Object Properties form using the following settings:
?: This tick box enables the "Goto next diagram" option when this object is right clicked.
Location: Filename of next diagram (include .ndg extension).
Seek: Some text to seek when the next diagram is loaded.
Use bookmark: Completes the Location and Seek fields with the last bookmarked location (Edit > bookmark).


Drag And Drop Method For Linking Diagrams

Another way to create a link to a diagram is to drag and drop the .ndg file you want to link to on to the canvas of the current diagram. This adds an object which acts as the link as stated above.

The Links Table


The links table shows a table of all the connections to an object.
Clicking any column heading sorts the table by that particular column.
An IP Address, Hostname and Comment may be entered for each end of each link.
The  columns are drop-down boxes from which you choose the display position relative the object for the IP Address or Hostname.
The "Add to table"/ "Remove from table" buttons are used to transfer or remove the object's principal IP address and Hostname to/from the table. To enable this button, you must highlight one of the rows by clicking column 0.

Changing Link Types

To change a link type for any of the connections, click a box in the Link Type column and choose the new link style from the drop down list.


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