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Object Libraries

Click the Object Library button on the main window to display the Object Library.
Select different libraries from the Drop down list or use "File","Open".
All libraries should reside in the "objects" folder.
Right clicking an object allows you to change an objects default name, filename and X/Y scale.

Adding New Objects To The Object Library Form

There are two methods for adding new objects to a library. The first way is to drag a .ico, .bmp, or .wmf file on to a blank part of the Object library form.
To rename an object, right click it and select "Rename Object" or double click the object's label. You also have the option to rename the bitmap filename, and resize the object by right-clicking it.

Another way to add new objects is by copying a bitmap to the Windows Clipboard using Edit>Copy from another Windows application. Select "Edit" and "Paste Image from Clipboard to Object Library" to add the new icon. This method usually copies the image in .bmp or .wmf format. Note .bmp files do not support background transparency. This method worked particularly well for copying .wmf icons from Powerpoint and is how the images shown to the right were collected.

Use "File","Save Object Library" to save the updated Object Library file.

Library Form

Visit the Downloads Page to get more Objects like these.

Tip: .ico and .wmf files support a transparent background colour.


Deleting Objects From The Object Library Form

To delete an object from the current Object Library, select the object followed by "Edit" and "Cut Image from Object Library".

Auto-Hiding The Object Library Form

To auto-hide the Object Library Form whenever an object is selected select "File" and "Auto-hide".

Creating New Object Library Files

File>New is available in version 2.4.2 to create a new, blank Object Library file. Paste new object images as explained previously and then use File > Save As to save the new Object Library.

Sharing Object Library Files

A workgroup Object Library (Folder) may be specified in the main setup form. Network Notepad will use this library when the shared drive is available. Otherwise it will use the default local copy.
To set this up initially, copy contents of the local objects directory to the shared directory.

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