Network Notepad Freeware Edition Help 


  Setup Form  

General Settings:

Language: Select the Language used for Network Notepad.
The only items on the Setup Form which have not already been mentioned are as follows:
Grid Line Spacing: Sets the spacing for grid lines when grid lines option is switched on ("Options","Grid Lines").
Default IP Address:
A partial or complete IP Address which will be applied to all new objects added to the diagram.
Default Diagram: Sets the diagram loaded by default at start up. Use the ellipses button browse for a file or the "Use Current" make the currently open diagram the default diagram. The "None" button specifies no default diagram.


User Defined Apps

The User Defined Apps are configured in the Setup form. The following Network Notepad keywords may be included in the definitions:
$IPADDRESS - is substituted for the most recently clicked object's principal IP address.
$HOSTNAME - is substituted with the most recently clicked object's hostname.
$EXPLORE - invokes an instance of internet explorer.
     eg. $explore $ipaddress...... to browse the object by ipaddress.
$BROWSE - invokes the default browser/application.
     eg. $browse $hostname.doc.....will try and open for example "router1.doc" in whatever 
     application is configured to handle .doc files.
- Copies the resolved definition to the windows clipboard.
$FILENAME - is substituted for the current diagram's filename (.ndg).

Other Examples:

Use SSH to connect to a device using Putty.
"C:\Program Files\putty\putty.exe -ssh $IPADDRESS"

Remote control a device using VNC.
"C:\Program Files\ORL\vnc\vncviewer $IPADDRESS"

Remote Desktop.
"C:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe /v:$IPADDRESS"


A Traceroute Function Window That Doesn't Close Automatically.
Create a traceroute.bat file in the Network Notepad folder which contains:

@echo off
tracert -d %1

Define the function button as:
traceroute.bat $ipaddress


Updates Tab

Enable Automatic Updates: Tick to enable automatic updates (default).
Update Type:
Select from Automatic, Check and Download, and Check only.
Manual Proxy Settings:
Tick to enable automatic updates with manual proxy server settings.


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