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Using A Hosts File To Supply IP Addresses

A hosts file may be used to supply IP addresses to all objects in a diagram with names which match entries in the hosts file.

1. From the ring menu, select File and then Edit Diagram Properties.
2. Enter the filename of the hosts file in the field provided and hit OK.
3. From the ring menu, select Options and then Refresh IP Addresses to transfer IP addresses to the diagram.

Hosts File Format

The format for each line in the hosts file should be as follows:

IP Address <TAB(s) or SPACE(s)> Hostname <Rest of line ignored><CRLF or just CR to terminate line>

Adding A Backdrop Image

There is only limited support for this at the moment.
To add a backdrop image, use File Edit Source and carefully(!) add a line to the end of the file using the following format and save the file back.

backdrop <filename>


backdrop c:\images\uk.jpg

The image file is stretched vertically and horizontally to fill the canvas.
The following file formats can be used: jpg, bmp and wmf.

Export To Bitmap Graphics File

To export a diagram as a bitmap file, from the ring menu, select File and then Export To Bitmap Graphics File. Enter a suitable filename when prompted. The following bitmap file types can be selected from drop-down list: .bmp, .gif and .png.

Associating .ndg File Extension With Netpad.exe

There is a button in the Setup Form which automatically associates the .ndg extension with netpad.exe so that Network Notepad is launched on double clicking a .ndg file.

Aternatively the association may be set up as follows:
Open a folder and select Tools > Folder Options > File Types. Select the .ndg file extension or add it if not present.
Select Advanced and add an "open" action if not already present.
Edit and ensure Action is set to "open" and Application used to perform action is set to "C:\Program Files\Network Notepad\netpad.exe" %1
(Or path to where Network Notepad is installed on your system).

Setting A Default Diagram

You may configure a default diagram to be displayed when Network Notepad is run. The default diagram is configured in the Setup Form.

Import CSV Data

This feature lets you import a list of Objects from CSV data. Open the form from the menu option File > Import CSV Data.

Import CSV Data 

Paste a list of objects in the form in the following format:

Name, Address, Object Type


switch1,,workgroup switch

When you click the OK button, Network Notepad switches to paste mode and shows the outlines of the objects to be pasted


Paste the objects to complete the operation.


Report A Bug

If you find a bug, please email details to

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