Network Notepad Professional Edition                 


Revision History

Bugfix: Some filestreams were not closed nicely.

Bugfix: After closing a multi-page document and opening a new document, some settings could be inherited from the closed document which could cause a save to fail with a Object Reference exception and/or errors to be logged about missing scripts.
Change: Improved error reporting.

NewFeature: Save Object Library to .zip file.
Change: Targets .Net Framework v4.8 in order to use System.IO.Compression library.
You must re-install to move from v1.3.x to v1.4.x due to the change of .Net Framework.

Change: New logic for enabling and disabling the 6 function buttons on the toolbar.
Change: "You already have the latest version installed" changed to "Reinstall to upgrade to version 1.4.*"
BugFix: An error during startup could interrupt initialisation of variables and cause an invalid value to be saved to the registry.

Bugfix: Changes to monitoring overlays were temporarily lost when switching pages.
Change: User-defined tools which refer to $ipaddress or $hostname are disabled if the variable is empty.
Change: Missing bitmap icon is drawn at default scale in library rather than using the missing graphics scale.

Change: Translation updates.

Bugfix: PromptSave() function did not return correct result for default file "netdiag1.ndg" if clicked Yes to save changes and then Cancel at the SaveAs Dialog.
Change: SetCurrentDoc() only overwrites "netdiag1.ndg" if it is unmodified and at doc(0)
Change: AddURL() will no longer add "netdiag1.ndg" to recent files list.
Change: Licensing improvements and support for more license types.
Newfeature: ObjectConnectivityReport tool.
Bugfix: When maxdoc is replaced by a new doc, it briefly switched tab while closing maxdoc and this added an extraneous file to url_list().
Bugfix: Failed document save, for example because the file is locked, could leave the progress bar on the screen.

Bugfix: Application failed in various places if the PC region/culture was set to tr-TR (Turkey) due to the way culture affects some string functions. e.g. library2.plf failed to open. Undo/redo failed.
Change: Improved error message dialog. Messages now word wrap.
Change: Polish translation update.
Change: Italian translation update.
Change: Rewrote AddToRecentList().

Bugfix: License Transfer URL failed if the transfer_code contains "0x" or "0X" due to web hosting provider blocking query strings containing those sequences of characters.
New features: New Monitoring tab in Setup form gives access to customizable overlays and default node monitoring options.

Bugfix: Library: File > Copy Object Library would fail if any of the files are missing.
New Feature: Library: Restore Default Library menu option resets the library folder to the default and opens the default library file.
Bugfix: Library: Shapes and script objects were not correctly scaled in library if preceeding objects in library were rescaled metafiles.
Change: Library: Open Object Libraries Folder opened default library folder rather than the folder where the current library is located.
Change: New help directory structure.

Bugfix: Object Library did not correctly handle metafiles with horizontal and vertical resolutions other than 96dpi.
Bugfix: Error message when trying to use Object Properties, Quick Rotate-Flip feature with .emf type objects.

Bugfix: An error during start up such as file not found loading default diagram could result in a spurious message "AsyncMsgbox() Unexpected form name"
Change: Translation updates.
Bugfix: After renaming a link style had to reselect the link style before making further changes to it.

New Feature: Auto-run tool on document load. Configured in Document Properties. Must match a tool defined in a toolset.
Bugfix: PDF export scale_adjust changed from integer to double as sometimes resulting pdf was slightly over 200" and gave error in Acrobat reader.
Bugfix: Did not select default 100% zoom in various places if custom zoom settings defined.
Change: ShapeUnpack() dimension1 was converted to integer, now is a single.
Change: Format Link Styles form review. Fixed issues switching between primary and secondary link styles. Added Clone Button. New button loads a default plain black link.

Bugfix: If cursor is waitcursor at point of offer page resize, cursor could get stuck as waitcursor.
Bugfix: Object Properties Toolbar, undo/redo transaction logged when no changes were made to name and address labels.
Bugfix: Object Properties Toolbar, label pos combos only log undo/redo transaction if setting changes.
Bugfix: Text Properties Toolbar, undo/redo transaction logged when no changes made to X/Y value if value is a decimal.
Change: Translation updates.

New Feature: Added support for a license transfer password. On request an additional password can be added to license files which is prompted for when using the license transfer procedure. This feature was implemented for a customer who deploys Network Notepad in the classroom, to prevent students transferring the license file.
Change: New OV code signing certificate.
Change: Added translation slots for Hosts and Node Status Reports.
Change: When prompted to view setup following failure to a execute tool, the relevant toolset is displayed and the relevant tool highlighted.

Bugfix: $appdir variable was broken.

Bugfix: Status from NNMonitor not shown if object has a parent object with no address.
Bugfix: Links Table - headers incorrect for some languages.

New Feature: Added "Show Overlays" to Options menu to temporarily turn off overlays (LEDs, Xs) from NNMonitor.
Change: $DOCVAR changed to $DOCVAR1 in Diagram Properties Form.
Bugfix: A state change from NNMonitor could cause an outside bounds of array error in a multi-page diagram if the state change occurred in a page other than the current page.
Change: Node menu is now also present in the context menu for objects. It currently only affects the primary address of the object if it has more than one address.

New Feature: Added a Fit Height option to Zoom menu.
New Feature: Support for custom zoom settings.
Change: Added $notes1, $notes2 variables
Change: Enterprise Edition Unlock button sends refresh signal to NNMonitor and NNClient (future product).
License Manager v3.7 has Hardware ID textbox set to ReadOnly
Bugfix: IdentifyObjectsForAllNodes() was not using a separate list for keys causing collection was modified exception
Bugfix: Deleting tools from Setup Form, User Defined Apps tab did not work correctly.
Bugfix: pdf export could fail with large diagrams
Bugfix: pdf export may result in a pdf larger than the standard 200 inches resulting in an error when opened in Adobe Acrobat. Large diagrams now scaled to fit less than 200 inches.
Change: SaveDocument() version line written only once at top of document rather than on every page.
Change: Reorganised Diagram Properties Form.
New Feature: $docvar1 variable. Configured in Diagram Properties Form.
New Feature: Node context menu added to address labels.

Change: New method for drawing overlays (LED and X) used with NNPing and NNMonitor.
Change: New protocol for windows messages between NNPing and NNMonitor and Network Notepad. Updated NNPing and NNMonitor.
Change: Extended some tables which had limited size.
Change: Speed improvements.
New feature: Node Status report.
New feature: Flashing overlays.
Compatible with NNMonitor v1.0.11

Bugfix: ValidatePositionOnScreen() did not adjust position of form after switching from dual to single screen if secondary screen was left of primary screen.
Bugfix: Library keep on top menu option sometimes needed to be selected twice.
Bugfix: When clicking the reload document button and you are prompted to save changes, Cancel resulted in being asked a second time to save changes.
Change: SplashFrm uses .owner rather than .topmost
Change: Installer details updated with VersionInfoProductName, VersionInfoVersion, AppCopyright.
Change: Icon shown in Windows Add/Remove Programs app.
Change: The position of the Reload Document button, if enabled, has moved to the same position on the toolbar as the Enterprise Edition.

New Feature: File > Import CSV Data. Adds objects from a CSV list with format: Name,Address,Type
Change: Export To PDF shows a progress bar.
Change: ALT-Click centres on object or label
Change: Quick RotateFlip now working for flipX, flipY and flipXY for Script Objects.
Change: Quick RotateFlip disabled for shapes.

Bugfix: Export to pdf could fail in larger diagrams on 32-bit editions with Out of Memory error. Pages above a set size are now rescaled before export to reduce memory use. Size can be overridden with registry setting.
Bugfix: Export doc to pdf failed to scale fonts correctly where pages use different resolutions.

Change: License Manager gives more information if you attempt to install an Enterprise Edition license file in to Professional Edition.
Change: Save looks specifically for filename "netdiag1.ndg" to run SaveAs dialog rather than ending in "netdiag1.ndg". Brings it inline with Enterprise Edition.
Bugfix: Did not show outlines when pasting discovered objects from CDP Neighbor Tool.
Change: License Manager shows warning if more than one .license file is present in the application folder.
Bugfix: Splash Form and About Form did not display ambersand character in license data.
Bugfix: Fixed memory leak(s) in PDF export code.
Change: Cursor reset to default following unhandled exception.

New Feature: "Keep on top" menu option in Library.
Change: Improved error reporting for texturefill command.
Bugfix: Removed some incorrect uses of .topmost.

Bugfix: Export to pdf. Labels set to default font may not be visible in pdf.
Change: Some preparation work to enable & character to be used in license file data such as Organisation name.

New Feature: Script Object Gradientbrush.

New Feature: Workgroup folder for styles and templates
Bugfix: After an error, dialog windows such as Format Link Styles may not be visible due to the main form being topmost.
Change: Improved error handling in library.

Bugfix: Fixed issues with texturefill.
Bugfix: Format Script Object: Brush table did not always show the correct colour in colour picker cells.
Bugfix: Delete page tab did not reselect current tab if deleted page was above current page.

New Feature: Script Objects texturefill command
New Feature: Script Objects antialias command
Bugfix: Format Script Object: brush table did not always show the correct colour in the colour picker cells
Change: Disposed of some resources which previously relied on garbage collection to free up.

Bugfix: Combining a rotation with a non-proportional scale in a Script Object draw or fill command was displayed incorrectly.
Bugfix: Zoom 300% menu item was not translated.
Bugfix: Backdrop file picker showed .jpeg but not .jpg files.
Change: Online library and help uses https instead of http.
Change: When switching from two screens to a single screen, the main or library windows could be restored to a position off screen and not be accessable unless you know about Shift+Windows+Arrow key. Forms are now repositioned automatically.

Change: Improved pdf export. Rotated text is now searchable.
Bugfix: New page was not positioned correctly after clicking File > New.
Bugfix: Failed with errors when doing File>New if maxdoc>1 and current page>1.
Bugfix: Paste after using bookmark could cause an error.
Bugfix: View->Fit Visible did not allow for multiple documents open/ multiple tab bars.
Bugfix: Insert Link menu option was not disabled when all documents closed.
Bugfix: Insert Link menu option was not disabled when a shared document was not locked.
Bugfix: Format Script Object could fail with System.ArgumentNullException when adding first script to a page.

Change: Added Library and Online Library options to View menu.
Change: Added Link to Insert Menu.
Bugfix: Online Library button tooltip was not translated.
Bugfix: Opening Format Script Object form could fail with index out of bounds error after inserting a new page.

New Feature: Added View menu with zoom to fit, fit width and view normal options/ shortcuts.
New Feature: Added option to export page/document to .pdf
Change: PdfSharp.dll is now installed. Licensing information for this file can be viewed in the file "Readme PDFsharp.txt" in the Network Notepad program folder.
Change: Added short cut keys for SaveAs, Close File and Exit.

Change: Supports page sizes larger than the normal maximum page size by automatically zooming out until the page fits.
Change: General improvements to ReadDiagram().
Bugfix: Improved handling of failure to load a document.

New feature: Shift + mousewheel scrolls page left and right.
New feature: default zoom added to page_settings
New feature: right-click zoom combo toggles between default zoom and current zoom
Bugfix: When saving document, progress bar did not work correctly.
Change: Additional tooltips on Setup Form, User Defined Apps tab.
Bugfix: After all documents were closed, the menu and toolstrip controls still had access to the data for the last document closed.
Bugfix: Cancelling save changes to library during app shutdown caused an error the next time the library was opened.
Change: License Manager 3.5 updated link to .shtml and #LicensePacks instead of #MultipleLicenses.

New feature: You can now choose whether copying objects includes float text via a setting in the Setup Form.
New feature: Colour of the link termination indicates whether the link is centered or not.
Bugfix: Error when repeatedly pasting new scripts in via the Format Script Object form.
Bugfix: Pasting script into Format Script Object form did not overwrite default script.

Bugfix: Possible fix for very occasional error on close down.
Bugfix: Library may not draw a script object with the correct options if the script contains paint commands.
Added checks to GetScriptTableFromStringArray() and PackTabularViewToTmpScript() to ensure options are valid when clicking refresh button.
Change: Added text_style to ignored statements when pasting to script view in Format Script Object.
Change: Added trims to AlignmentTableEntryPack().

New Feature: Script Objects options statement now supports a menu mask parameter.
New Feature: Script Objects "option end" statement enables drawing to continue after options.
Bugfix: Options menu not built correctly if the very first command was an option statement.
Bugfix: Spacing between fields was not right in fieldsupdate().
Change: Further optimization of fieldsupdate().
Change: SaveDocument() writes "options" instead of "rflip" in object table header.
Bugfix: If multiple documents are open and a further document is opened forcing the closure of a document, it was not handled correctly.
Bugfix: Paint commands may not be executed correctly on some pages.

Bugfix: Could write to incorrect library from Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Bugfix: Could lose changes to current library if a new library is selected in Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Change: Minor changes to wording used in Format Script Object form.
Change: File>New now prompts to save changes before bringing up the template selection dialog if the current document will be closed.
Bugfix: Object X,Y scale values less than 0.1 were not saved.

Bugfix: Deleting a row in the pen or brush table in the Format Script Object form blocked further work on the script object.
Bugfix: Library form could be displayed unnecessarily on clicking OK in the Format Script Object form.

Bugfix: The Show Linknodes option caused an error "Value Cannot be Null" if the diagram used the Curve or Curve2 linkstyles.

New Feature: You can now move a link from one object to another by dragging a link termination point from one object to another.
Bugfix: Changes made in the Object Properties Form did not update link positions.
Bugfix: Drag and drop multiple link termination points did not always drop to correct position.

New Feature: Added Hosts Report to Reports menu.

New feature: When labels are attached to links you can now choose whether or not the label is rotated to follow the slope of the link.
Change: After changing label position using label context menu, all selections are reset.
Change: After changing label type using label context menu, all selections are reset.
Bugfix: Ungroup was enabled for anchored items. Attempting to ungroup anchored object caused error.
Change: Label context menu Set Type now works for all selected labels.
Change: Syncronised .ndg file format between Pro and Enterprise editions. Logic added to Pro edition to block loading Enterprise diagrams.
Change: Caption shows product name when form minimised.
Bugfix: Changing label position did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Centre Connection Point did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl dragdrop did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl delete page did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl paste page did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Renaming Diagram: Cancel button on inputbox blanked diagram name.
Bugfix: Link intersect feature was broken.
Bugfix: Nudge did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: When loading a new document and you are prompted to save changes to the current document, Cancel button did not cancel loading new document.

Change: Command Line options refresh.
New Feature: Can specify page from command line.
New Feature: Added browse button to Workgroup Object Library in Setup form.

Bugfix: Recursion error reported if Script Object contained 7 or more paint commands.
Change: Further improvements to Format Script Object for library context.
Bugfix: SaveScriptToLibrary() duplicating child scripts.
Bugfix: Indentation used by SaveScriptToLibrary() did not match SaveLibrary().
Bugfix: Rename bitmap failed with "file being used by another process" after dragging and dropping a bitmap file to library.
Bugfix: Link could fail to align if a linknode is auto-added when a connected object is moved and auto-align is switched on.
Bugfix: Format Shape failed from library if it was the last object listed.
Change: Format Shape and Format Script Object save to library now saves to memory rather than disk.
Bugfix: Changes to library could be lost if save to library done from Format Shape or Format Script Object forms.
Change: Library now indicates unsaved changes with "*" in the titlebar.
Change: You are prompted to save any changes to the library when exiting the program.
Change: Installer filenames are moving to .exe instead of .zip as this appears to work better with Windows Defender Smartscreen.

Change: Improved Clone option when using Format Script Object from a local library.

Change: New OV code signing certificate.
Bugfix: AlignNode did not handle grouped link nodes which use relative x/y values.
Bugfix: AlignTermination doesnt add nodes if called with undoredo flag set false. i.e. stops Undo/Redo messing up the undo/redo table.
Change: Improved UpdateAutoAlignLinks() for grouped link nodes (deleting node triggers).

Change: New indicators on menu bar replaces the selected items text box.
Bugfix: Format >Make same size could leave labels incorrectly positioned.
Bugfix: Pressing the tab key on the Object ToolStrip YScale value did not apply the new value.
Change: Improved selection state following unlock of an object or label.
Bugfix: Position of locked relative label was adjusted incorrectly when resizing parent.
Change: Object Toolstrip displays object #number.
Change: Text Toolstrip displays label #number.
Bugfix: Updating a Script Object in a library did not replace the original script if the script name contained a space.
Change: Undo redo start/end transactions improved for Group Lock/Unlock.
Change: Title bar indicates if document is a shared document.
Change: Improved grouping of labels with links.
Change: Selected items cleared when switching to paste mode.
Bugfix: Position of labels improved when attaching to links.
Bugfix: File>New could set link indicator to wrong size if the page resolution changes.
Change: Some consolidation of functions/handlers.

New Feature: Object Properties Form: The diagram snapshot is now dynamically updated.
Bug Fix: Cursor continued to indicate rotate when shift key pressed anywhere on the diagram following a rotate indication on a label.
Change: Reduced flicker when loading a document.
Change: New License Manager v3.3 remembers settings when not licensed.
Bug Fix: Labels were not always positioned correctly after Format Shape and Format Script Object.
Bug Fix: Links were not always positioned correctly following a rotate or resize.

Refreshed code associated with Links Table.
BugFix: Undo/redo may not work correctly after changes made in Links Table.
BugFix: Links Table did not preserve link style override.
BugFix: Allowed edit of To column in links table, though had no effect.
Change: New unicode installer with additional languages.

Change: Further improvements to the Object Library Form.

Change: Object Library code refresh.
Bugfix: Changes made in Links Table did not mark document as modified.
Bugfix: Warning message could occur after undo-paste e.g. "Warning: Label 54 is relative to object 37 but that object number is invalid for this diagram. Reset Label relative object number to 0.".
Change: License Manager added copy button next to hardware id.

Bugfix: Improved deleting and adding labels via the Links table.
Bugfix: Cosmetic changes to Object properties form.
Change: Improved License Manager.

Bug Fix: Undoing a change made in Format Shape and updating only a single object (not update all) restored incorrect data.
Change: Review of Format Script Object Form.
Change: No longer prompts for script name.
Change: Rename button removed. Now you can just type in a new name in the name textbox.
Change: Revision level validation changed to accept 0.
New Feature: Diagram title indicates save required with "*".
New Feature: Clone button added to Format Scripts Form.
Bug Fix: Resizing backbones did not work correctly.
Bug Fix: "Keep Proportions when resizing" was lost after save or undo/redo.
Change: "Keep Proportions when resizing" for backbones is now always disabled.
Bug Fix: After changing width/height of a Shape in Format Shape form the position of relative labels was not updated.
Change: The way simple line-based backbones are drawn has changed. Now uses width/height and primary colour instead of border size and border colour.
Bug Fix: Selecting link, followed by drag and drop object drew object outline with incorrect pen size.
Bug Fix: Undo change to Script Object was not available if Format Script Object was opened from menustrip.

Change: Removed limit of 10 Toolsets.
New Feature: Add Toolset button added to Setup Form.
Bugfix: Choose Library button on Format Script Object form was anchored to the top of the form instead of the bottom.

Bugfix: When pasting a script from the online library to the Format Script form, errors were displayed for the first two lines "Network Notepad Clipping.." and "object 1..". Since these are not actually part of the script object the form now just ignores these statements.
Bugfix: Format Script Object failed when pasting a multiple-script object such as the Dell R210 example in the online library.
Change: Some inputbox statements were missing a title.
Minor translation updates.
Bugfix: Options split button on Format Script form did not display correctly if populated with only one option.

New Feature: Radiused link joins.
Change: Documents are saved as version (File Format) 8.5 if radiused link joins are configured.
Change: Improved rename bitmap in library. Copies extn if none supplied and checks extn is same before and after rename.
Bugfix: Rotate indicator did not work for label on top of object.
Bugfix: Changing some values on the object properties and text properties toolbars resulted in two undo/redo transactions.
Bugfix: Prompted to upgrade diagram version when saving after loading a template.

Bugfix: Drag and drop .ndg file to page method for creating hyperlink did not show label with hyperlink colour.
Various translation updates
Bugfix: Set Text Layer menu was not drawn correctly initially.
Change: Load Defaults option on the Format Text and Format Link Style forms has moved to menustrip under File.

Change: Custom colors are saved only if you click OK in a color dialog.
Bugfix: Custom colors were not saved in the color dialogs opened from the Text Toolbar.
Bugfix: Object and Text toolbars were not updated if a single item is selected using rubber band select.
Change: Improved logic for tickboxes in the Format Shape form.
Bugfix: Format shape from library could overwrite the first object in a diagram if "save to diagram" is selected.
Bugfix: Object toolbar was reset after resizing or rotating object.
Bugfix: Text toolbar was reset after rotating text.
Improvements to rubberband select.
Bugfix: Shift key could show rotate icon when it should not.
Change: Resize and rotate using keyboard uses selection table instead of last mouse down item.
Bugfix: Deselecting an object which has locked subordinates caused object to remain at top of selection table.
Change: F1-F6 buttons run functions for first object in the selection_table rather than last clicked object.
Bugfix: Toolset "Multiple" option was always disabled when reading tooldefs.txt file.
Change: Dutch language translation updated. Thank you Jaap.
Change: F1-F6 is blocked if multiple items selected and tool is not defined to support multiple items.
Change: Internationalised text on Splash form and About form.

Change: Refreshed Format Shapes form.
Bugfix: Format Shape always saved to shapes.plf library.
Change: Added Choose Library option to Format Shapes and Format Script Object forms.
Bugfix: Some lines were transposed in Italian translation.
Bugfix: Plain fill diamond shape was not filled correctly.
Change: Parallelogram variant of rectangle shape depricated.

BugFix: Renaming Object or Object filename in library caused object to fail to paste to diagram.
Improved code used to layout newly pasted object in library.
Change: Save To Library checkbox in Format Shape and Format Script Object now show the current library name.
Compiled to use .Net Framework v4.0+ and added a new installer option to the Downloads page so Windows10/ 8 no longer need to install an old .Net Framework version.

Change: New hightlight code shows handles for resizing and marks for rotate area.
Change: Item remains selected after drag and rotate.
Bugfix: Rotating relative objects and text did not work correctly sometimes.
Change: New link termination selected indicator.
Change: Increased maximum allowed values for width and height to 3000 in Format Script Object Form.
Bugfix: Erasing an object did not work correctly when resizing where the object has multiple layers of grouping and rotation.
Bugfix: Appropriate mouse pointer was not always selected when offering resize of an object which has multiple layers of grouping and rotation.
Bugfix: Rotating item with mouse would sometimes flip item by 180 degrees.
BugFix: Reset undo/redo after changing diagram resolution.
Change: Blocked resizing linknode with Shift +/-.

New Feature: Added graphics to Link Styles lists.
Bugfix: Format Link Styles OK button did not work if there were no link styles in the diagram

Bugfix: Link labels were not updated when link auto-align was enabled.

New Feature: Attach labels to links (more information here)
Change: File format 8.4 is now the default version.
Change: PromptSave() now has Cancel option. Icon changed to question mark.
Bugfix: Custom cap intersect option failed if link intersected object exactly at corner
Bugfix: Opening a second document which did not contain a text style called "default" would result in an error in SetTextEntryBoxAttrib() when text was added to the diagram.
Bugfix: Save as CSV file uses ";" in countries which use "," as decimal separator.
Change: Saving writes Script Objects Tables header.

Change: Format Link Styles Form refresh.
Change: Deprecated legacy arrow link style. It is replaced by custom caps with a new Intersect option.
Bugfix: Deleting all linkstyles and adding a new one resulted in an error.
Change: File format 8.3 is now the default.
Change: Format Link Styles form Line Style combo is now a graphical combo
BugFix: Format Link Styles form - transparent style did not work.
BugFix: Curve link style with only two points disappeared. Now draws a straight line.
BugFix: Format Link Styles form - join setting did not update preview of lightning2 style.
New Feature: line, curve and curve2 link styles can be overridden for individual links from the link context menu.
Caveat: Linkstyles saved to the default link styles file (linkdefs.nls) or other link styles file which use either the legacy arrow link style or custom endcaps need manual updating after upgrading to this release.

Change: New code for Link Style custom caps - dimensions are more predictable.
Change: File format 8.2 is used when saving diagrams which contain link styles with custom caps.
BugFix: Link termination indicator box was not displayed when drawing links on the default diagram.
Change: Improved drawing of links when constructing multi-segment links.
Change: Grid spacing in Format Link Styles Form reflects grid spacing setting.
BugFix: Attempting to load a locked file exited with no error.
Bugfix: Further adjustments to snap-to-grid.

Bugfix: Nudging item and releasing shift key before the cursor key did not update the diagram.
Bugfix: TmpReadTextStylesTable() improved line validation as per ReadTextStylesTable().
Bugfix: Object Script Align failed when pasting if mousedown on a link.
Bugfix: Clicking text set to the default font stopped Text Properties Toolbar from working correctly.
Change: Dragging a grouped Script Object away from its parent now automatically ungroups the object.
Change: OK button was disabled on deleting all text styles. This has been changed to allow a document to have no text styles.
Change: SaveDocument() does not write text styles table header if there are no text styles.
Change: SaveDocument() does not write shape table header if there are no shapes in the diagram.
Change: Format Link Styles width and angle textboxes replaced with numericupdown box.
Change: Object Properties rotate textbox replaced with numericupdown boxes.
Change: Object Properties layer textbox replaced with a combo box.
Change: Object Properties Toolbar rotate textbox replaced with numericupdown box.
Change: Text Properties Toolbar rotate textbox replaced with numericupdown box.
New method for storing a single undo/redo transaction for repeated keyboard nudges,rotates or resizes.
Change: Shape border width changed from integer to single.
Change: Float Text moved to its own tab in the Object Properties Form.
Change: Float text not displayed unless cursor is default.
Change: Float text is switched off on offering object resize.
Change: Link mode termination pointer centres on object if Connection Points set to 1.
Change: Object Properties Toolbar controls are only active when an object is selected.
Change: Format > Script Object prompts you to enter a name for the Script Object at the start instead of using "default" as the script name.

Improved Snap to Grid.
Bugfix: Remained in Paste mode after drag and drop from library.

Bugfix: Fixed issues with mouse pointer introduced in v1.3.53.
Bugfix: Grid not drawn on some PCs at startup.

New Feature: Snap to grid
Bugfix: Clicking a selected link termination left outline visible.
Bugfix: Cursor would stick in object resize mode if quickly moved from object to off the edge of the page.
Default spacing for grid changed from 16 to 20 and new registry entry used to store value.

New Feature: Left-click and hold for 1.5s initiates drag and drop.
New Feature: Undo/ Redo buttons on toolbar.
New Feature: Transparency sliders on Text Properties Toolbar.
Bugfix: Text/ Objects set to layer 0 on reading file back got set to the default layer.
Bugfix: Right-clicking a selected link termination caused form to jump. Now displays link context menu.
Czech translation update. Thank you Martin.

Standardised on UTF-8 encoding for all translation files.
Added Slovenian translation.
Replaced up and down arrow icons on Format Text and Format Link Styles forms.

License Manager v2.3 handles the occasional PC which gets an exception when trying to launch web browser when clicking the buy now button.
Filtered out ampersand short cuts from tooltips.
Bug Fix: If Windows has created a thumbs.db file in the common application data folder it could cause the first-time-run copy of datafiles to the users application data folder to fail.
Bug Fix: If the First-Time-Run copy of datafiles failed the resulting Error messagebox was configured with an invalid messageboxstyle.
Italian translation update. Thanks Roberto B.

English translation text file updated with ALT key shortcuts.
Show Object Properties Toolbar and Show Text Properties Toolbar menu options were not translated.
German translation update.
Uninstalling now deletes linkdefs.nls from the User Application Data Folder. This triggers a "First Time Run" copy of files to the User Application Data Folder on re-installing (for all users on a computer). Previously uninstalling and reinstalling did not refresh the Object Libraries.
Bugfix: Program failed if a Text Style was added and its name contained spaces.

Bugfix: Float text was lost when reading diagrams created in Freeware Edition.
Bugfix: If "Maximum Open Documents" is set to more than one and you attempt to open an additional document and it fails, the active document is not setup correctly, resulting in errors.
Bugfix: Setup form language dropdown changed to list.
Change: Clicking Cancel in Setup form reverts language if language was changed.

Bugfix: When reading diagrams created with Freeware Edition labels did not get the correct background transparency setting.
Default folder for manual save and load link styles and text styles changed to System.Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData folder.
Added title "Network Notepad" to a number of msgbox statements. Replaces default dotnetpad title.
Bugfix: ReadLinkStylesFromFile() did not skip header line resulting a style called "style".
Bugfix: Copying a single item such as some text did not enable the paste button.

BugFix: Fixed several bugs associated with adding labels via the Links Table form.

Replaced update() with FLSUpdate() as update() conflicts. Cosmetic.
Process and respond "hello" to handle provided on command line.
Added WM "end" to close application
Added WM "clear" to clear all status indications
introduced partner_hwnd to track other partners besides nnping/ send terminate message on exit.
Removed reference to maxping and made local_node_table dynamically sized.
Bugfix: $hwnd variable was not substituted correctly.
Improved command line processing. Order for filename and hwnd: is no longer fixed.
BugFix: ConvertDecimalPointInScriptStatement() referred to argn when should have been local_argn

Change: New License Manager enables license transfers. More details here.

New Feature: Objects keep proportions when resizing at corners. Option to switch this off added to Properties and Library forms.
Change: Improved Legacy arrow link style when linking to a linknode.
License Manager: Added more error information to error trap on GetBtn.
BugFix: Did not remember setting for auto-increment revision checkbox in Format Script Object form.
Change: Rounded x/y scale textbox.
Bugfix: Object properties toolbar x/y values were not updated after resizing.

Toolbar Link Styles combo increased width and autosizes on dropdown.
Default resolution changed from Draft to Fine.

Further adjustments to text Set Type.

New Feature: Added "Set Type" submenu to the Text right-click menu. Text can be set to the following types:
- "Caption": For normal Labels, Enter key or escape key submits, Shift-Enter adds a new line.
- "Address": As caption label, but is displayed according to the Show/Hide IP Addresses button on the toolbar.
- "Flow": Enter key adds a new line, use escape key (or button on toolbar) to submit.
Change: Default layer changed for links drawn from output of CDP Tool.
Bug Fix: Drag and drop, Nudge or Align could trigger misplacement of linknodes associated with links which have Align enabled.

New Feature: Setup Form, User Defined Apps Tab now has buttons to change the tool order.
New Feature: Setup Form, User Defined Apps Tab now has a button to select and copy tools from other toolsets.

New Feature: "paint" command enables Script Objects to include other Script Objects. See Whats New? for more information.
Change: Format Script Object form has been adapted to handle multiple Script Objects and the new paint command.
Change: Merge Script Objects has been adapted to make use of the paint command.
New Feature: Selective file format version number. e.g. a document is saved as file format 8.1 if it contains "paint" commands, otherwise it is saved as file format 8.0
Change: Library drag and drop did not update the currently selected object in the library, so a drag and drop followed by a cut for example would delete the wrong object.
Bug Fix: Drag and drop in library improved where small object is next to a large one.
Change: License Manager URLs changed from pro1.1 to pro1.3

BugFix: Copy Page missed copying corresponding item if there was only one pen, brush or command present in any script on the page being copied.
BugFix: Backdrop was not reset on page 2+ when loading a new document in place of an existing document.

Change: When starting a new link to an object it checks what layer existing links are drawn at to decide the layer for the new link.
Change: Improved operation of mousewheel in library.

BugFix: Library: Copy Object Library menu option failed if the library contained Shapes or Object Scripts.

Change: Improved operation of paste menu items and paste buttons.

Bugfix: File > New > Cancel and File > Open > Cancel both incorrectly closed the current document.
Change: Specifying a backdrop image without a full pathname looks for the backdrop image file in the same folder as the current document.
Change: Disabled Anchor menu option if any selected item is a member of a group.
Change: Disabled Group menu option if any selected item is anchored.
Change: Backdrop file picker lists all bitmap types.

Change: Improvements to how locked items are selected and drag and dropped.
Change: Changed how link drawing layer is selected based on layer of the first object connected.
Change: Prioritised clicking link over object except where object is small (less than 800 pixels).
Change: Improved Connect() sub now correctly sets second object when finishing link at a linknode.
Bugfix: Y value on Object Properties Toolstrip was broken. It changed y scale instead of y value.
Change: Diagram Properties form, ratio changed from a textbox to a label.
Bugfix: Diagram Properties form, float text incorrectly shown underlined.

BugFix: Script Objects: Pen width did not scale correctly with page zoom setting.

Change: The position of relative labels is adjusted to maintain left and top position when editing.
Change: Titleblocks Scripts.plf replaces Titleblocks.plf in the library.
Change: Rubberband-select now also determines if a standalone label is closest to the initial mouse down position and if so will set the label as the first item selected.
Change: Small change to library drawing logic.
BugFix: SaveDocument() did not retain different backdrop images for each page.

BugFix: Adding a name or address label to an Object Script or other object with no existing labels could fail with index out of bounds error.
Change: Reduced flicker with rubberband select.
Change: Rubberband select now determines the closest object to the initial mouse down position and sets it as the first object in the selection.
Bugfix: Renaming a script in the Format Script Object form corrupted the cloned script due to a shallow copy.
Change: SaveDocument() no longer saves unused Script Objects.

BugFix: Page width and height inconsistent in the Diagram Properties form.
Change: New taskbar icon

Change: Selected items are cleared following Format Text, Set Layer, Set Text Style and Object Properties.
BugFix: Tidied application Close code. Possibly eliminates occasional error on close.
Change: Text Properties Toolbar x/y coordinates, fontsize and angle are updated when nudging position, size or rotate angle.
Change: Added Layer to Text Properties Toolbar.
BugFix: Text Styles list on Text Properties Toolbar was not populated until some text was clicked.
Change: Slight change to the way gridlines are drawn.

BugFix: After updating a text style highlighted text using that style retained old outline dimensions until refreshed later.
BugFix: After adding a new link style, on right-clicking a link to set a new link style it could fail with Index out of range error.

BugFix: On the Diagram Properties Form the Text and Gridlines colour buttons were broken.

New Feature: Options > Show Text Properties Toolbar
New Feature: X/Y values added to Object Properties Toolbar
Change: added support for merging multiline labels in to a Script Object

BugFix: Format Script Object Pen and Brush tables were sortable, causing problems.
BugFix: Clicking pen and brush table column 1 header would invoke colour picker.
Other cosmetic updates to Format Script Objects form.

New Feature: Format > Merge Script Objects. See whats new.
Change: Connection points and Show IP Addresses toolbar icons change to reflect settings.
Change: Exit button in library closes library and cancels paste mode. Hide button closes library and enables paste mode. Previously both buttons did pretty much the same thing.
Replaced several references to MS Sans Serif font with Microsoft Sans Serif.
BugFix: Validating X/Y scale in Object Properties form could fail with null reference error.

Change: Refreshed toolbar icons.

Bug Fix: Improved handling of failure to load font in Script Object path addstring command.

New Feature: Script object draw and fill commands now support rotation.
Bug Fix: An undo transaction could be corrupted following a large number of undos.
Bug Fix: Undo/redo change to script objects could fail.

New Feature: Format Script form now has undo,redo,cut,copy and paste toolbars.
New Feature: Added Grouping options to object context menu.
Change: Child objects (objects in a group) now have an Orange highlight when parent is selected.
Improved Error window so it can be dragged to one side and provide information without interferring with work.

BugFix: Diagram would disappear (temporarily) following cancel of Format Text Form due to refrencing wrong memory bitmap.
BugFix: Fixed decimal point handling for X/Y scale in Object Properties form for regions that use ",".
New Feature: Added +/- browse buttons to library toolbar.

Completed review of Library Form code.

BugFix: missing references to font sizes 5,6,7 at one point in Format Text Style form.
BugFix: Adding new objects to library could result in a NullReferenceException Error.
BugFix: Deleting an object from a library followed by adding an object to the library failed to display object.
BugFix: Library form Save As menu option was not working.

BugFix: Support for regions which use characters other than "." for decimal point.
Change: Removed "No Anchor" and "Anchormask" from start and end cap options in Format Link styles.
BugFix: Fixed start and endcap styles not working since the introduction of custom endcaps.
Change: Improved textbox processing in forms. Gives feedback on enter and beeps on error.
Forms Review: F1 gives context sensitive help. Esc exits forms. Return either "accepts" the current form for simple forms or the current setting for dynamic forms.
Change: Allowed fractional font sizes in Format Text Form.

BugFix. Errors when working on script objects in some locales which use "," instead of "." as decimal point.

New Feature: The toolset setting "multiple" sets whether a tool runs for all objects selected or only the latest object selected.

BugFix: Fontsize for script objects adjusted to match fontsize for labels. Online script library updated with adjusted fontsizes. Existing diagrams will have the Script Object font sizes adjusted and saved as new File format version 8.0
BugFix: Format Script Object save to library failed after searching library.

New Feature: Format Script Object form.
New Feature: Right-clicking an object while in link mode creates a background link node instead of linking to the clicked object.
New Feature: You can now store Script Objects in local libraries.
Improved memory management when working with larger bitmaps.
New Feature: Zoom 300% and 400% options.
Bug Fix: backdrop image not selected and displayed correctly in a multi-page document.
Bug Fix: Right-click script object which has no options incorrectly disabled the Options menu item on the toolbar instead of the Options in the context menu.
Bug Fix: Closed link startcaps and endcaps were not scaled correctly with zoom function.
Change: Blank name is allowed when renaming diagram.
Change: Export bitmap removed redundant code for export using plugin.
Bug Fix: Prompt to save changes to library interupted loading another library.

Bug Fix: Copy Page button on Page Tab context menu incorrectly copied script objects (missed out last line).

Re-enabled automatic updates for v1.1.39 and earlier.

New feature File>Reports.
New feature CTRL+Mousewheel zooms diagram.
Added font sizes 5,6 & 7 to default list of font sizes in Format Text Styles form.

Bug Fix: Save as .csv file was not working.
Bug Fix: Clear Link Styles menu option in the Format Link Styles form resulted in errors.
Bug Fix: When using export command line option, if there was an error message the application terminated before you could read it.
Bug Fix: Export command line argument did not support quotation marks/ spaces in the output filename.
Bug Fix: Removed the �Associate .ndg File Extension� button from the setup form. It didnt work/ it required admin rights. Re-installing will create the file association.
New Feature: A "Reload Diagram" button can be enabled on the toolbar. This is used to refresh the drawing when editing diagrams outside of Network Notepad. The option is enabled in the Setup form.

Grouped objects and text remain static when the parent object is resized (unless locked).

Links remain in a fixed position when a connected object is resized (unless the link is centered, in which case it remains centred).
Disabled info message displayed if icon is not found (introduced in v1.2.11)

Reorganised Format Text form to fit small screens.
Bug Fix: Format Text form Font_size_txt not updated on form load.

Bug Fix: Background colour not displayed in Format Text form.
Bug Fix: Tabbing through initial entries in the Object Properties Toolbar caused a div by zero error.
Review of Format Text Styles Form. Text styles can now be saved to and loaded from file.
New feature: Selecting objects and labels now "sticky".
New feature: Label and object context menus now works for all selected items.
New feature: User functions are now executed for all selected objects.
Lock/Unlock does all selected objects and labels.

Completed review of Format Link Styles form.

Further improvements to Format Link Styles.

Bug Fix: Several bug fixes in Format Link Styles.

Major Bug Fix: When inserting or deleting pages, scripts were not cloned correctly when shifting pages resulting in corrupted scripts.

Bug Fix: Further improvements to script align.
Change to dialog and URL displayed if no license is found.

Reinstated automatic updates from v1.2.8 upwards. Automatic updates for earlier versions will follow soon.

Bug Fix: Improvements to script auto align

 v1.2.7 - Release date 21 Nov 2016
Bug Fix: Pasting an invalid statement caused Network Notepad Script objects to exit early. Now displays an error message.
Bug Fix: Changing script object options did not set diagram modified flag.
Bug Fix: Problem with script options condition value.

v1.2.6 - Release date 20 Nov 2016
Bug Fix: Pasting higher revision script did not replace existing script correctly.

v1.2.5 - Release date 17 Nov 2016
Bug Fix: CR in middle of label both entered label and truncated it.
New Feature: $ADDRLIST variable. See Whats New?
License Manager installing an invalid license now displays the full hardware ID.
Bug Fix: Deleting the caption label for an object could lead to an Integrity Checker error and muddled labels.
Gpscripts renamed to "Network Notepad Scripts" as gpscript name is already in use.
New Feature: Alignment points for scripts.

v1.2.4 - Release date 30 Aug 2016
Bug Fixes: Undo redo issues with grouped objects.

v1.2.3 - Release date 23 Aug 2016
Bug Fix: Gpscript tag incorrectly set in object_unpack()

v1.2.2 - Release date 18 Aug 2016
More work on gpscipts.

v1.2.1 - Release date 15 May 2016
New feature: gpscripts.

Major rewrite of drawing code.
New Feature: Unlimited grouping.
New Feature: Locked objects and text are scaled with parent object.
New Feature: Group Lock Unlock feature locks or unlocks all subordinate objects and text.

Current Version deployed through automatic updates. This will be updated as soon.
New Feature: Options > Show Object Properties Toolbar

Bug Fix: Labels added through the Links Table form could cause label_table array to overflow.

Bug Fix: Blank fields in Format Link Styles form caused error.
Bug Fix: Improved position of circle custom end cap.

Further adjustments to recent new features

Further adjustments to recent new features

Rewrote Link-drawing code to use graphics paths.
NewFeature: Format Link Styles now supports Custom End Caps.
Bug Fix: Version check runs for all open documents.
Bug Fix: Cursor could get stuck as hand icon if you start dragging diagram close to an object.

Bug Fix: Hyperlink improvements. Now supports seek "object n".

Bug Fix: Bug introduced in v1.1.30 with option to run multiple functions in one definition. Incorrectly handled quotes in tool definition.

New Feature: You can now run multiple functions in one definition by separating them with "&&".
Updated NNPing.exe supports on/off/auto parameter.
New Feature: Wake On Lan pluggin nnwol.exe.
Define a "Wake Up" function button like this:
NNPing $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav on&&nnwol.exe $VAR1
Where $VAR1 (user variable) is set to <broadcast IP address> <port> <mac-address>
e.g. 9 21-3a-55-37-6e-76
This will start NNping for the object selected and then send a WOL magic packet to it.

Bug Fix: Space in address caused NNping not to mark object in diagram
Portuguese language translation added. Thank you Paulo.
Bug Fix: Problem with Czech translation caused error on start.

Improved Float Text handling when mouse pointer leaves window.
Improved handling of auto-aligned links to backbones.
Bug Fix: A page containing only text could cause Object Null Reference error.

Improved the way spaces in file pathnames are handled when shelling external processes.

Bug Fix: Adding new tool to a toolset could fail with subscript out of range error.
Bug Fix: Help > License Manager failed to launch on some PCs.
Bug Fix: NNPing v1.0.0.11 fix for amber LED stuck on after flap.
Recent files list extended to 20 entries.

Bug fix: $address variable was truncated after /
Bug fix: cancelling format link style form after adding new link style caused error.
New feature: Left-click a link now also selects the current link style.
French translation updated - Thank you Hicham.
Italian translation updated - Thank you Roberto.

DPI adjustment for width of some combo boxes added
Hyperlink settings have moved to the Misc tab on the object properties form to enable the form height to be reduced.
Further improvements to Variant dropdown box in Format Shape form.

New online help URL
Improved icon-based drop down lists for Options in Format link styles and Format shape forms.
Updated NNPing v1.0.0.10

Bug Fix: Menu Option File > Print was not working, although the print button on the toolbar worked.
Bug Fix: Printing a range of pages printed page numbers one less than requested.

Bug Fix: Drag and Drop link termination was broken in v1.1.20
Italian language update. Thanks Roberto.

New Feature: You can now open more than one document at once. Each open document presents its own tab bar at the bottom of the window, where you can select pages from any open document instantly. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste pages between documents using the page tabs. These features are mainly useful if you work with many multi-page documents so it is disabled by default. To enable it, set the "Maximum Open Documents" setting in the Setup Form to a sensible figure such as 6.
New Feature: An object hyperlink can open more than one file by specifying files separated by a ";" (file1;file2;file3;..).
New Feature: $ADDRESS variable. This is similar to $IPADDRESS, but the whole address field is passed to the user-defined function without stripping text after a "/" character.
New Feature: You can name toolsets.
New Feature: German translation of the installer and application text has been added - Thank you Peter.
New Feature: Transparency sliders now also have a textbox to allow values 0-255 to be entered.
Bug Fix: Screen DPI awareness improved.
Bug Fix: Loading and saving a diagram originally produced with the Freeware Edition would result in blank labels on reloading the diagram due to the foreground transparency values being reset to zero. A workaround is to right click hidden labels and reset the foreground transparency slider or use Format >Text style to reset the foreground transparency slider for the "default" text style.
Bug Fix: Text entry box was left in place if it was open when using the "goto next diagram" feature or back/forward buttons on the toolbar.
Bug Fix: Resizing .wmf-based objects could result in application crash with out of memory error.

Bug Fix: Non accessed pages were padded with ever increasing spaces down left hand side each time the document was saved.

New Feature: Text Styles.
Change: Colour Dialogs show all colours by default.
Bug Fix: Comment cells in links table could show "!".

New Feature: Options > Show Link Nodes now draws a clickable dashed link between nodes for curved link styles.
Bug Fix: Adjusted position of curved links relative to link nodes.
New Feature: Long filenames in recent files list are trimmed.
New Feature: Long user-defined app strings are trimmed.
New Feature: Multiple NNPings can be initiated by configuring a special object with multiple IP addresses separated by semicolons e.g.;;;
Bug Fix: Horizontal and Vertical Tube backbone could be drawn incorrectly in Format Shape.
Bug Fix: Reduced messages from NNPing.
New Feature: NNPing draws LED for parent object only if parent object matches reply address.

Bug Fix: Fixed spurious link auto align issue.
New Feature: Table headings saved in file.
Bug Fix: Links Table Form caption was not set.

Bug Fix: Sometimes an error was produced on startup related to HideSplashScreen().

Bug Fixes: Printing improvements.

page_restore() does some data integrity checks.
Added check to labelxpack().
Bug Fix: Format menu item Lock is now disabled if nothing is selected.
Bug Fix: Drag and drop .ndg file to page to create a hyperlink was broken.

Bug Fix: Auto-align problem. Linknode adjacent to moved object was not realigned.

Bug Fix: Drag and drop locked objects and labels fixed.
Bug Fix: Dont offer resize for locked objects.
Added unhandled exception handler.
New Feature: Page lock option added to diagram properties form. Locked pages dont offer resize.

Bug Fix: Selecting labels was inconsistent with previous versions.

New Feature: Selection box Anchor indicator.
New Feature: Lock/Unlock added to Format menu.
New Feature: Locked items have blue instead of red highlight.
Bug Fix: Auto-align would fail with anchored and locked link nodes.
New Feature: Executables are now signed.

Bug Fix: Undo resize of top right hand corner of page failed to move objects to correct position.

Bug Fix: Copy and paste anchored objects or text would fail with an error.
Bug Fix: Rubberband select would fail to select anchored text.
Bug Fix: CTRL-A failed to select unlocked anchored text.
Bug Fix: Multiple Drag and drop anchored items failed.

New Feature: Format > Anchor - enables the title block and border to be locked to the page corners, so now they stay in position when the page is resized. The bundled templates have been updated with this feature.
New Feature: Undo Redo works for page resize.
New Feature: Added LED to NNPing Icon.
Bug Fix: Antialiasing switched on when drawing lightning2 style in Format Link Styles window.

Bug Fix: Spurious object was resized when using Shift +/- after clicking a label or connection point.
New Feature: Shift +/- resize now works with text.
New Feature: Ctrl +/- can now be used to nudge-rotate objects and text in 1 degree steps.

New Feature: Nested Link Styles.
Bug Fix: A link with more than 32 linknodes would cause the application to crash.

Bug Fix: Auto align reset when page is changed.
Bug Fix: More selective use of auto align when switching modes.
Bug Fix: Resizing canvas could leave some links drawn with wrong offsets.
New Diagram Properties graphic.
Bug Fix: Backdrop position combo on diagram properties form could be populated multiple times.

New Feature: Home button on toolbar loads default diagram (if configured).
New feature: $var1 and $var2 variables definable on Misc tab in object properties form.

Bug Fix: Some settings were not saved if the form is maximised when the application is closed down.
New feature: Cli export option. dotnetpad.exe <filname> export <export filename>
New Feature: Elipsis button for selecting hyperlink filename.

Bug Fix: NNPing startup was unreliable.
Licensing improvements.
Bug Fix: NNPing - flapping ping sometimes left object with amber LED when it is up.
Internationalised Automatic Updater.
Internationalised License Manager.

New feature: double left click object to follow hyperlink
Bug Fix: Corrected undo redo closing transaction for object resize
Bug Fix: Improved logic for rotate cursor indicator
Bug Fix: Handles bad library entries better

Improved corner and edge checking for rotating and resizing objects and text.
New feature: rotate cursor indicator added.
New feature: scroll cursor changed.
Bug Fix: Could not drag and drop .emf files to object library form.
Language.txt files support an entry to control the path to help pages.
Bug fix: New labels added through links table were not displayed immediately in diagram.
Bug fix: Can no longer rotate a link node.
Bug fix: Tools no longer displayed for link node.

Changed the version format to
Bug Fix: Editing text after using the Set to Default Font and Colours option would use wrong fontsize in edit box.
Region_check() factors in layer to help where two identical objects overlap.
New feature: You can now resize objects using the mouse.
bug fix: Tag was not set for linknodes allowing access to properties and resizing.
bug fix: Closing the Format Link Styles form using the "X" in the corner would cause the Format combo to be double populated.
bug fix: Closing Format Text Form using the "X" in the corner caused font and font size combos to be double populated.
bug fix: Corrected hwnd declared as integer instead of intptr.
bug fix: Comment2 field in links table was sometimes missing.
Italian translation updated. Thanks Roberto.

Bug Fix: NNPing did not always start pinging after loading. Increased time allowed for it to start to 3 seconds.
Bug Fix: Updated License Manager to better handle Windows renaming license temp file.
Position of NNPing LED changed.
New Feature: Format > Make Same Size.

Bug Fix: Save as csv feature was broken. Page breaks did not have commas.
New feature: Support for Network Notepad Ping plugin.
To use the Network Notepad Ping Plugin define a function button like this:
nnping $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav

The fields are as follows:
nnping <ipaddress> <timeout> <up retries> <up sound> <down retries> <down sound>

Removed ring menu from diagram properties form
Internationalised tab bar popup menu
Removed redundant Locked checkbox from diagram properties form
Bug Fix: Recent changes were not visible to Find feature.
New feature: Automatic create by/on and updated by/on text fields in title box using new variables $createdate, $createname, $changedate, $changedate.
New feature: Open templates folder option from File menu.

Bug Fix: Loading an older format template would trigger warning about diagram being upgraded. New Feature: Right click page tabs for menu option to display page numbers on tabs.

Bug Fix: Undo redo closing transaction for delete in wrong position
Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transactions for align
Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transactions for drag and drop
Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transaction for centre connection point
Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transaction for nudge
Bug Fix: Improved protection against illegal fill points for gradient filled shapes

New Feature: Antialias options in Format Shape.
Bug Fix: Could not set layer for backbones from properties form.
Default library is now library2.plf instead of general.plf
Turned off anti alias for selection boxes and highlight boxes.
Bug fix for Centre Connection point.
Bug fix: License manager updated to handle windows appending [n] to filename when opening hyperlink.

Selective use of antialiasing improves fineness of horizontal and vertical links
bug fix: nudging is now one pixel at a time independent of fine_scale_factor
Selective use of antialiasing for drawing rectangle shapes

Bug Fix: Labels could be drawn incorrectly in links table form.
Export to bitmap now uses current Zoom setting to optionally reduce the size of bitmaps.
New feature: Centre Connection Point in link context menu.

New feature: You can now right click relative labels and reset their relative postition to NSEWC of parent object.

Bug Fix: Hyperlink to page 1 was lost if the file name and seek text fields were blank.
Bug Fix: Dragging backbone edge to change size sometimes failed.

Bug Fix: Changed code to launch License Manager from menu to use absolute path. Using relative path not reliable.
Bug Fix: Under rare circumstances the show linknodes option did not work.

Bug Fix: Turned on Option Strict. Ouch. Removed lots of implicit type conversions.
New feature: Ctrl Page Up/Down switches pages
Bug Fix: Drag and drop rearrange Object library was broken since
Bug Fix: Could set toolset to invalid value in Object Properties page.
Bug Fix: Format Connection points did not toggle menu status indication.

New Feature: Default margins added to setup form. Removed backup files option, although it can still work if configured in the registry.
Bug Fix: Fixed problem with implicit type conversion from string to integer in tool_table_populate.

Bug Fix: More printing adjustments.
Bug Fix: Default margins read from registry default_margin_top,bottom,left,right. Will add to setup dialog later.

Bug Fix: Printpage incorrect use of printerresolution.
Bug Fix: Margin settings not set for print preview like they were for page setup.
Bug fix: Removed fixed limit of 50 links styles in a diagram.
Bug Fix: Margin settings now taken in to account when printing.
Bug Fix: Rescales big bitmaps so they print.

Bug Fix: User defined functions incorrectly converted to lower case.
Bug Fix: Improvements to behaviour when pasting link styles.
Bug Fix: Format Text Form wiped label_table .index property which was used by set_drawing_layer().
Bug Fix: Suspect reusing deleted labels incorrect undo redo behaviour with layering.

Bug Fix: HyperLink support for relative files was broken.
Bug Fix: Handles illegal page numbers in hyperlinks.

New Feature: Link filename for link to another diagram can be blank to signify current document.
Bug Fix: Improvements to auto-align.

Bug Fix: Changes made to links via the Links Table did not preserve the align and layer settings for the link.
Bug Fix: Right click object or text - selection behaviour brought in line with left click behaviour.

New feature: More flexible layering. You can set the layer for text and links.
New feature: Added $page and $lastpage variables. eg. This is page $page of $lastpage.

Bug Fix: tooldefs.txt could get wiped sometimes when Setup Form is accessed and User Defined Functions tab is not accessed.
Bug fix: Searching object library didnt show first found object.
Bug fix: Cancelling Setup Form did not reset changes to tool table.

New feature: You can now change the toolset for an object in the Object Library
Bug Fix: Multi-page Find found spurious items

Bug fix: Could not use more than 10 tools in a toolset.
Bug fix: Using Find on the initial blank diagram caused an error.

New feature: Now defaults to single paste with multiple paste button on the toolbar.
Bug fix: The outlines for some labels were not drawn in the correct position during a paste.
Improved drawing of outlines during a paste.

Bug fix: Objects dragged from an object library to a diagram were drawn in wrong position.

Bug fix: name extracted from license incorrectly in read_license_features()
Bug fix: Hopefully fixed a problem introduced in v1.0.0.171 where sometimes tabcontrol1_selectedindexchanged() is not firing and you cant select a new page using the page tabs.
New feature: License feature options. Added a license feature option for disabling automatic updates permanently. This is for organisations which prefer to control software updates rather than leaving it to the end user. When a license is installed with this feature enabled, automatic updates are disabled and the option to enable them is disabled in the the setup form.

New Feature: You can now reorganise pages by dragging and dropping page tabs.

Bug Fix: Improvements to object library file handling. Search results could overwrite an existing library if the spacing was changed and then saved.

Bug Fix: Undo paste sometimes restored labels from a previous diagram to 0,0.

Bug Fix: Copy+Paste orphaned labels, labels drawn in wrong position. Introduced in .165.

Bug Fix: Problem reading tooldefs.txt file on fresh install.
Nicer default tool settings.

Improvements to auto align.
Bug fix: update_auto_align_links() would often mess up link alignment.

New feature: Toolsets and unlimited user defined functions.
Rubber band select works with +- resize

Bug fix: Fixed error trapping.

Fixed missing caption from links table
Rubber band could be drawn twice when selecting.
Bug fix: Label added through object properties form not set up correctly.
Bug fix: Float text not positioned correctly in fine and superfine modes.
Changes made to operation of link break feature. It now resets selections and turns off auto-align for link.
Bug fix: Deleting label added through links table was not fully deleted.

Bug Fix: Minor performance improvement drawing labels.
Bug Fix: Improved compatibility with drawings done with freeware edition.

New feature: Added new Align centre,top,bottom,left,right options.
Bug fix: Adding labels via the Links Table could result in problems with label positions.

Bug fix: New labels not completely initialised in several places.
Bug fix: Backbone resize less sensitive in fine and super fine modes.
Bug fix: Object Library form handling prevented Log Off or PC shutdown until form closed fully.

Bug Fix: General.plf Library objects not drawn correct size when set to Fine and Super Fine print quality.
Added template logo icon to installer.

New feature: The option to insert horizontal and vertical backbones has been replaced with a new customizable backbone shapes library. To get the backbones library, you need to reinstall from the latest download.
Other changes include, but not limited to:
Bug fix: Color Dialog custom colors now works.
Bug fix: pasting link styles now updates link context menu.
Pasted link style now selected for immediate use.



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