Network Notepad Freeware Edition

Revision History

Bugfix: Application failed in various places if the PC region/culture was set to tr-TR (Turkey) due to the way culture affects some string functions. e.g. library2.plf failed to open, Undo/redo failed.
Change: Improved error message dialog. Messages now word wrap.
Change: Polish translation update.
Change: '$browse replaces $explore in default tool definitions
Bugfix: Too many spaces in Visualizza entry in Italian translation
Change: Rewrote AddToRecentList()

Change: Upgrade To Professional Edition changed to https.
Change: Added Upgrade to Enterprise Edition link.
New Feature: Undo/Redo buttons on toolbar.
Change: Translation updates.

Change: New OV code signing certificate.

Bugfix: Auto-grouping rack with a rack mounted device resulted in "Error: This edition does not support grouping" when loading .ndg file.

Bugfix: Links Table - column headers incorrect for some languages.

New Feature: Library "Keep on top" menu option.
New Feature: File > Import CSV Data. Adds objects from a CSV list with format: Name,Address,Type
Change: Improved error reporting for texturefill command.
Bugfix: Removed some inappropriate uses of topmost.
Change: Save looks specifically for filename "netdiag1.ndg" to run SaveAs dialog rather than ending in "netdiag1.ndg"
Bugfix: Did not show outlines when pasting discovered objects from CDP Neighbor Tool.
Change: Cursor reset to default following unhandled exception.
Change: ALT-Click centres on object or label
Bugfix: ValidatePositionOnScreen() did not adjust position of form after switching from dual to single screen if secondary screen was left of primary screen.
Change:LoadPictures() improved.

New Feature: Script Object Gradientbrush.

New Feature: Script Objects texturefill command
New Feature: Script Objects antialias command
Bugfix: Format Script Object: brush table did not always show the correct colour in the colour picker cells
Change: Disposed of some resources which previously relied on garbage collection to free up.

Change: Added View menu with Zoom and library options.
Change: Added Library and Online Library options to View menu.
Change: Added Link to Insert Menu.
New feature: Shift + mousewheel scrolls page left and right.
Bugfix: Changing page size in Diagram Properties, did not redraw page correctly.
Bugfix: The new page was not positioned correctly after clicking File > New.
Bugfix: Paste after using bookmark could cause an error.
Bugfix: Online Library button tooltip was not translated.
Bugfix: When saving document, progress bar did not work correctly.
Bugfix: Cancelling save changes to library during app shutdown caused error next time the library was opened.
Bugfix: Error when repeatedly pasting new scripts in via the Format Script Object form.
Bugfix: Pasting script into Format Script Object form did not overwrite default script.

Change: Help button on Format Script Object form goes to the specific help page now.
New Feature: Script Objects options statement now supports a menu mask parameter.
New Feature: Script Objects "option end" statement enables drawing to continue after options.
Bugfix: Options menu not built correctly if the very first command was an option statement.
Bugfix: Spacing between fields was not right in fieldsupdate().
Change: Further optimization of fieldsupdate().
Change: SaveDocument() writes "options" instead of "rflip" in object table header.
Change: Added trims to AlignmentTableEntryPack().
Bugfix: Possibly fixed very occasional error on close down.

Bugfix: Uninstall Network Notepad in Windows menu was not translated.
Bugfix: Deleting a row in the pen or brush table in the Format Script Object form blocked further work on the script object.
Bugfix: Library form could be displayed unnecessarily on clicking OK in the Format Script Object form.
Change: Minor change in paste() to logic for deciding whether to use wait cursor. Less flicker pasting script objects.
Bugfix: Could write to incorrect library in Format Script.
Change: Minor wording changes from in Format Script Object form.
Bugfix: Object X,Y scale values less than 0.1 were not saved.
Bugfix: File > New. Prompt to save changes. Cancel did not work.
Change: Replaced multiple function calls to argupdate() with single call to fieldsupdate() which is much faster.
Bugfix: Workgroup Object Library not working.
Bugfix: Could not always access Format Script Object form from digram.

Bugfix: Workgroup Object Library not working.
Bugfix: Separate Windows XP installer fixes "is not a valid Win32 application".
Bugfix: Recursion error reported if script contained 7 or more paint commands.
Change: Further improvements to Format Script Object for library context.
Bugfix: SaveScriptToLibrary() duplicating child scripts.
Bugfix: Indentation used by SaveScriptToLibrary() did not match SaveLibrary().
Change: Format Script Object save to library now saves to memory rather than disk.
Change: You are prompted to save any changes to library when exiting the program.
Change: Further improvements to library code.
Change: Installer filenames are moving to .exe instead of .zip as this appears to work better with Windows Defender Smartscreen.

Bugfix: Fixed library exit button tooltiptext.
Bugfix: Drag and drop to library not working with first time run.
Bug Fix: Labels were not always positioned correctly after Format Script Object.
Change: PropertiesFrm_paint removed and code moved to load event.
Change: Selected items are cleared when switching to paste mode.
Change: Improved Cloning of script when doing Format Script Object from local library.

v6.0.10 - 19 April 2020.
New OV Code Signing Certificate.

Refreshed code associated with Links Table.
Bugfix: Changes made in Links Table did not flag diagram as modified.
BugFix: Undo/redo may not work correctly after changes made in Links Table.
BugFix: Allowed edit of To column in links table, though had no effect.
Change: New unicode installer with additional languages.

Bugfix: Fixed incorrect behaviour when deleting and adding labels via the Links Table.
Bugfix: Object Properties form cosmetic improvements.
Change: Filestream functions updated.

Bugfix: Resizing backbones did not work correctly.
Bugfix: Could not change the width of a backbone.
Change: Updated the Format Script Objects Form.

BugFix: Error when opening Format Script Object form in edition compiled for Win7/XP/.Net Framework 2.0
BugFix: Choose library button was anchored to top of form instead of bottom.

Bugfix: Cleared labelxpack() error loading older file.
Change: Increased max_area.
Change: When pasting a script from the online library to the Format Script form, errors were displayed for the first two lines "Network Notepad Clipping.." and "object 1.." since these are not actually part of the script object. The form now just ignores these statements.
Bugfix: Format Script Object failed when pasting a multiple-script object such as the Dell R210 example in the online library.
Bugfix: Options split button on Format Script form did not display correctly if populated with only one option.
Bugfix: Format Script Form handles corrupted script statement.

New Feature: Script Objects. Format Object Script Menu options and Online Library button.
Change: New link termination selected indicator.
Change: Various code syncs with Pro Edition.
Bugfix: Problems running if language was set to French or Thai in v4.6.9

BugFix: Renaming Object/Object filename in library caused object to fail to paste to diagram.
Improved code used to layout newly pasted object in library.
Dutch translation updates.
New method for doing single undo/redo transactions following repeated nudges and shift+/- resizes.
Change: Float text not displayed unless cursor is default.
Change: Link mode termination pointer centres on object if connection points set to 1.
Bugfix: Nudging item and releasing shift key before cursor key did not update the diagram.
BugFix: Improved error handling in Loaddocument().
Bugfix: Curve link style did not work.
BugFix: Curve link style with only two points disappeared. Now draws a straight line.
BugFix: Format Link Styles form - transparent style did not work.
File Format 8.2 used. Upgrade earlier link styles transparent to opaque.
Change: Moved Transparent to end of list of link styles.
Change: Load defaults button in Format Link Style form moved to menu.
Bugfix: Save as CSV file uses ";" in countries which use "," as decimal separator.
Testing early disable of shiftctrltimer in frame1pic_mouseup to prevent sticky drag problem.
Change: Custom colors are saved only if you click OK in color dialog.
Bugfix: Object Properties form accepted a layer value of 6 when should have been 5 maximum.
Change: Improved rename bitmap in library. Copies extn if none supplied and checks extn is same before and after rename.

BugFix: Drag and Drop .ndg file to create hyperlink was broken.
BugFix: No prompt to save changes when using the goto next diagram option.
BugFix: Automatic updates for Win7XP version of installer was not working.


Bugfix: Fixed message about file format version when loading file.
Bugfix: Grid could disappear.
Dutch translation update. Thank you Jaap.

New Feature Left-Click And hold for 1500ms initiates drag and drop.
Bugfix: Right-click selected link termination caused form to jump. Now displays link context menu.
Czech translation update. Thank you Martin.

Bug Fix: If Windows has created a thumbs.db file in the common application data folder it could cause the first-time-run copy of datafiles to the users application data folder to fail.
Bug Fix: Link styles form was not opened as a dialog and caused an error if it was not closed before you used a newly added link style.
Bug Fix: Several other forms change to open as dialogs.
Language translation files changed to UTF-8 encoding.
Added Slovenian translation. Thank you Jadran.
Removed System Information button from FrmAbout.
Fixed missing translations.

Change: Now uses common language .txt files with Pro Edition.
Bugfix: Automatic Updates settings were not displayed correctly on the Setup form. Thank you Mr. Shouty.
Italian translation update. Thank you Roberto B.
BugFix: Lock buttons not working in object properties form.
BugFix: Relative labels disappeared after viewing object properties and * position indicator missing.

Horizontal Scrollbar was broken.

Bugfix: CDP Neighbor Tool not present in user-defined apps after installing.
New Feature: Search in Object Libraries.
Increased maximum libraries to 100.

Label position combos changed to dropdownlists on object properties form.
Savelibrary was not working.
Changes to label_unpack()
Additional error trapping in label_unpack
Canvas_caption() was not working since migration to .Net.
Use of cursor keys to nudge objects and move canvas was broken.
Added Report a Bug option to Help Menu.

Fixed numerous type conversion issues.

Cosmetic changes.

Bugfix: When reading diagrams from earlier versions it could get label colours wrong.
Bugfix: Label colours were not packed as hex when saving.
Bugfix: Incorrectly prompted to confirm upgrade diagram file format when saving as a new file.
Bugfix: "SetTo Default Font" and "Make This The Default Font" menu options were not working correctly.

Bugfix: Repeatedly prompted to upgrade file format.
Bugfix: Various problems with Format Link Styles form.

Bugfix: Set to Default Font was broken/ could set illegal color value.
Bugfix: Various problems with Format Link Styles Form.

Bugfix: Error opening Diagram Properties form.

Added handlers for unhandled exceptions and for unhandled exceptions for threads behind forms.
Removed reference to argn in SingleArgExtract
Changed drawobject() method for drawing .ico-based objects.
Solution rebuild to fix errors in dev env.

BugFix: Properties Form, Address label position not working.
Change: Updated method used to draw float text.
BugFix: Undo change of object type failed.

Improved object drawing code.
Expanded objects library. To get this, reinstall the software but when prompted during the install "Who will use this software?" select "Just me". Otherwise the files are installed where they only ever get copied across one-time at the very first run.

BugFix: Display IP addresses button was not working correctly.
BugFix: Error when selecting Edit Source.
BugFix: Can now print to the selected printer rather than the default printer.

BugFix: Backdrop not scaled correctly with zoom.
BugFix: Zoom caused problem with height and width on Diagram Properties form.

BugFix: Prompt to use Shift with drag and drop was broken.
BugFix: Backdrop was broken.
Diagram Properties form tidied.

BugFix: After adding a new link style, right-clicking a link would fail with error.
Greek translation added. Thank you Wasilis.
Cosmetic changes to Format Link Styles form.
Function button tooltips fixed.
Library2 and Library3 objects are now installed automatically.

-Connection points toolbar icon fixed.
-Fixed issue with Setup form and languages.
+Freeware Edition has moved to .Net.
+Automatic updates. Configurable in Setup form.
+Antialias links.
+Libraries Folder has moved. Use "Open Object Libraries Folder" to locate.
+No longer requires to be run as administrator.
+New toolbar icons.
Bug fix. Clicking background to form elbows and bends in links was broken.
Changed use of Shift and Ctrl when moving and selecting items to be in line with Professional Edition.
region_check area_check value initialised too low. Caused scaled up icons to not respond to click.
Bug fix right click link termination and selecting properties caused crash
Updated Polish translation
Added Thai translation
Added more error trapping to palette form load and activate
fixed broken backdrop image
Bug fix: Possibly some systems did not remember the display IP addresses option.
Bug fix: Deleting the link termination node deleted lots of other things.
Increased the number of fields supported in palette list (number of labels in a title box etc).
Uninstall now deletes the registry settings.
Bug fix: Illegal character entered in "safety copies" option causes the program to fail to start with a Type Mismatch Error.
Bug fix: File > New retained some data on links from previous diagram.
Bug fix: User definable tools didnt get focus sometimes.
bug fix: switch_off_text_entrybox making latest label visible rather than the one being edited
bug fix: Position of outlines on initiating drag drop
Increased array limits
Uses error raising to detect missing bitmap files rather than checkexists() on every file
Bug fix: aligning labels didnt always work correctly
Performance: Only loads bitmap if different to last bitmap loaded
New feature: Ctrl-A now toggles between selecting none and selecting all
New feature: Clickable links
New feature: The default paper size for each language is set in the second line of each language .txt file.
bug fix: undo link with link nodes followed by paste new object. new object inherited some node properties.
Added support for paste with links to existing objects.
bug fix: Invalid Property Value when printing to pdf creator. Now it will only try to set the paperbin if a different value is read.
Added align horizontal and vertical toolbar buttons.
Added Chinese translation.
Updated French translation.
bug fix: Default IP not working.
bug fix: Overflow sometimes when working on diagrams >32768 wide
bug fix: Backdrop image was not drawn.
New Feature: Layers
Dutch language update
Bug fix: Help button didnt move when properties dialog resized
Bug fix: Menu Insert backbone when already in paste mode failed.
Bug fix: Pan and scroll works correctly in Zoom mode and when you click outside the diagram
Added Hungarian translation.
Updated German translation.
Added Serbian translation.
Bug fix: Tweak to label key input routines to fix fussy shift enter
Bug fix: Float text less likely to be displayed at wrong time
Bug Fix: Copy paste backbone not drawn correctly
New Feature: Display text for user defined functions
New Feature: Select direction for right click Pan and Scroll in the Setup Form.
New feature: $field variable
Bug Fix: Grid lines working better/ work in conjunction with background picture
Fixed backdrop dragdrop not updating display
Japanese translation
International fonts and character sets
Uses individual language .txt translation files rather than resource file or csv file.
Default paper size for printing is A4 instead of Letter.
Bug fix: paste object > edit object label > paste label > edit label - did not undo correctly
New feature: Using GDI+ to give built in support for saving as .gif and .png
removed plugin feature for exporting to graphics files
New feature: Default diagram option
Can resize object selected by dragging a box around it (previously had to click it)
Find highlights object
Bug fix: Scroll bars not updated on resizing window vertically.
Bug fix: editing the most recently added label would only offer "undo add label" when undoing
Nudge now uses half twips
New feature: Drag and drop objects in object library to rearrange objects.
Removed auto spacing for object library if spacing specified at start of library.
Option to set spacing manually from menu in Object Library
Tidied up offering of canvas resize.
Bug Fix: Newer versions of program are correctly associated with previous installations.
Uninstall option in Start Programs
Installation automatically registers .ndg file association
Bug fix: Long file names not handled correctly if passed via %1 argument
Bezier Curves
Improved handling of error where the default font is not available.
Tidied up deleted link entries in .ndg file
Bug fix: Line2 sometimes not drawn in correct style.
Enhanced link_object to enable drawing arrows to link nodes.
Format Text Font from ring menu now shows Effects section.
Tidied up link styles fields with additional trims to remove extra spaces/ quotes.
Tidied up Copy() so blank lines not present
Bug Fix: Pass focus back to frame was set if escape key hit while editing label.
Reinstated the six function buttons by popular demand...well... one person anyway.
Added $browse function to call default browser
Help now uses default browser
Bug Fix: Resizing Object Library to Zero caused error and program to halt.
Bug Fix: Library_Combo correctly positioned if using large fonts.
Language combo now alphabetical
Prevented removal of IP address label as no code present to add one again.
Added code to add a new IP label to an object if it doesnt have one when IP entered in properties.
New Feature: Can now drag and drop a .ndg file on to the canvas to create a "goto" link.
Fixed link text colour not being set
Copy and paste now uses the Windows clipboard
Removed function buttons from toolbar. Increased the number of user-defined applications to 10.
Added Polish Translation. Is it ok?
Added trims to Connect()
Float text only displayed in default mode
Bug fix. Clicking an object while editing an object label caused new label to be added.
bug fix. cant place text on object
added modified_diagram flags for changes to labels
Added support for locked labels. (When you drag a locked label it moves the object its associated with).
Bug fix. Space in file name caused problems with drag and drop to object library.
Bug fix. Align. Overlapping objects message now reported once only.
Font dialog now supports underline and strikethrough
Can switch off annoying Shift/CTRL drag prompt
New print routine using VBPrnDlg.dll
Ratio displayed when setting canvas height/ width
OLE Server
Format resize mode, current selection checked.
Swedish translation added.
bug fix. Error using move diagram if objects selected.
Fixed find. Search was reset on closing find dialog.
More frm_splash.hides at err msgboxes
optimised code for internationalisation
bug fix. Could resize canvas negative and cause error.
bug fix. File > Exit not working in Object Library form. Removed extra Exit menu option.
bug fix. Nudge keys check objects selected before doing anything
bug fix. Quick resize attempted to work after file > new.
bug fix. Closing main form whilst splash present left splash displayed. Added frmSplash.Hide to close_down.
bug fix. Nice msgbox rather than error if you attempt to add too many objects to a library
Czech translation added.
Todo language registry entry too simplistic
Bug fix. Cancel option wasnt working at save changes prompt when edit source selected.
Improved mouse pointer code
Improved toggle selection of pallette_form objects
Added file pickers for backdrop and hosts file.
bug fix. default hosts file name corrected
Added mouse wheel support
Zoom Improvements
French Language updates
Can save empty diagram
Bug fix. Jumping diagram on right click.
Backdrop redrawn on resizing canvas
Backdrop redrawn after changing diagram properties
Todo: Grid lines incompatible with use of backdrop at the moment.
Added support for spaces in backdrop filename
Scroll bars now work in zoom mode
Export to bitmap file now prompts to overwrite existing files.
X now correctly queries unload
Bug fix. Cancel now works on prompt save when moving to recent file.
Added more Modified_Diagram flags to prompt to save changes
Back Forward now correctly handles prompt to save.
Diagram name now shown in Form Caption
Restricted offering backbone resize to non modes.
No longer allows duplicate link style names when naming new link styles or renaming existing ones.
Added multiple zoom settings
Toolbar back and forward button states correct after zoom
Escape key exits text cross hair mode
Started adding code to remove frmsplash if error during load.
Friendly error if you exceed allowable number of Object Libraries.
Added support for loading langauges direct from language.csv file. Just copy language.csv to c:\program files\network notepad folder.
Splash screen more stable
Bug fix. Pasting new objects to library, file not updated in correct format.
Added quick resize keys. Use Shift + and Shift - to resize current object. Format > Resize Mode to select Both/Horizontal/Vertical resizing.
Added Turkish language support.
Bug Fix. insert_object missing field 9 causing problems accessing IP address
Bug fix. Old style flow chart objects not converted to new style correctly.
Tweaked printing to support multiple printers. Does it work?
Added support for more complex objects
Improved object library query unload save
Internationalised "Save changes to object library" prompt
Bug fix. Could get stuck in a loop if library not found
Drop_em() failing stage 6 on some systems. Changed position of bracket. Declared shift vars as long
Similar bracket problem in paste. val(string+int) should have been val(string)+int.
cursor key scroll causing complete refresh on keyup
fixed mousepointer could be left in wrong state on double click mode swap and then right click obj
Added F6
Made sure fkeys defaults set otherwise all default to telnet on first run
Added support for custom icons for function buttons
Fixed missing deleteobject from api_line routine causing (GDI?) memory leak
Bug fix. Objects could disappear miles off page on label drag drop if view offset negative
Diagram refreshed only on key up when nudging
Dutch Language Updates
Added combo_triggers_load boolean to prevent initial combo index change triggering a second load.
Corrected overlapping objects on initial install
Added Extra debugging to extended_savepicture
Added trims to nudge
Added code to mop up orphaned labels when deleting objects and links.
Bug Fix. Link nodes could be erroneously deleted
Improved Toolbar refresh
Added code to mop up unused link nodes when deleting objects and links.
Bug Fix. Problem with drag drop if label index matched object index in mulitple drag drop.
Bug Fix. Double click to edit text sometimes results in message box saying hold down shift or control to move object.
Bug Fix. Runtime error 13 if copy and paste + view properties of object with blank labels.
Bug fix.
Bug fix. Error deleting backbones if width=16
Outlines drawn in correct position on paste
Added code for nudging objects and text using Ctrl + cursor keys.
Improved exit save changes yes no cancel
Added shortcuts to menu items
Improved cursor keys operation
Fixed Notes not shown in diagram properties
Internationalised Delete Caption in main ring menu
Fixed Error when viewing backbone properties
Improved handling of Object Library auto-hide
Language updates.
Bug Fix: Selecting " " as the position for either the Name or IP labels in properties form caused fatal error.
Widened the NSEW Combo box as W too wide when using large fonts.
Fixed instances of calling single_arg_extract function to get numeric value from string without using val.
Tidied up load_diagram2 and save_dgram function calling
Fixed File not found error in load_diagram2 - could report wrong file name
Added trims to connect() to prevent extra spaces appearing in linknode entries
Can now paste text on top of an object
Added Delete button
$hostname and $ipaddress resolved and displayed in pop_menu
bug fix. Error dragdrop objects off of page
Added more error trapping
Added extra debugging to various procedures
bug fix. Error viewing/submitting backbone properties
Internationalised label positions NSEWC

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Freeware Edition Caveats

  • If you make the Canvas too large you may experience memory resource problems. The program may fail to display an image when using the zoom button, it may also fail to print or you may get an error "Cannot create autoredraw image" - these are all symptoms of this problem. There is no workaround for this other than reducing the size of the Canvas.
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