Network Notepad Freeware Edition Download 

Network Notepad Freeware Edition Version 4.6.9 Installation Package

This is the main installation program for Network Notepad (2.8Mb).

Click Here to download.

If you have problems installing on Windows 7 or later, this normally sorts it...

  • Copy the setup.exe file to your PC.
  • Right click the setup.exe file and choose Properties.
  • On the Compatibility tab, select "Run this program as an administrator".
  • Run the setup.exe.



Object Library2 and Library3 Icons for Freeware Edition

This is a collection of more than 100 objects to use with Network Notepad.

Click here to download.
Unzip the contents to your Network Notepad Objects folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Network Notepad\Objects) and restart Network Notepad.
To use the icons open the Library2 or Library3 file in the Object Library window.

The icons were sourced from Cisco Systems Inc web site at
The page states "Use them freely without alteration".
See also the Network Element Icons section at  for information about their use.

For information on how to transfer icons from from the Powerpoint downloads, to Network Notepad see the Help page.


Network Notepad In Your Language?

Network Notepad currently supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, German, Czech, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Serbian and Thai languages.
From Version 3.5.2, there are individual translation .txt files for each language in the Program Files\Network Notepad Folder. To add a new language, copy one of the language .txt files to a new file and carefully translate each line to the new language. Add an entry to the index file "languages.txt" for your new file. Please send updated and new translations to me for inclusion in the next release.

Thank you to....

Didier Lanotte and Cyril Gschwendtner for the French translation.
Fernando Fernández for the Spanish translation.
Mario Dede` for the Italian translation.
Jan B Thygesen for the Danish Translation.
Warner Krelekamp for the Dutch Translation.
Martin Kabatnik and Mario Pirstl for the German Translation. 
Marcelo C. de Bittencourt and Nuno Cabral for the Portuguese/ Brazilian Translation
Sadi Evren Seker for the Turkish Translation.
Jan Fiala for the Czech Translation.
Thomas Dahl for the Swedish Translation.
Adam Bojarski and MCbx for the Polish Translation.
Yuta Hayakawa for the Japanese Translation.
Kim, Dae Young for the Korean Translation.
Anonymous for the Hungarian Translation.
Bojan Bogdanovic for the Serbian Translation.
Geir Olav Moflag for the
Norwegian translation.
William Sio for the Chinese translation.
Florin Grosu for the Romanian translation.
Nick Balakletsky for the Russian translation.
Ratchapong Kanaprach for the Thai translation.


Hubs and Switches Library

Thank you to Martin Kabatnik for these.
Click Here to download