Network Notepad Professional Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost in Dollars/ Euros/ my currency?

Fill out the Order Form and click through to Paypal. Paypal will give you the price in your local currency. You can cancel at that point if you are not ready to purchase.

2. I don't have a Paypal Account. Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

Paypal is the preferred method of payment because Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is used to automatically trigger the delivery of the items purchased and the invoice within minutes of paying.
Paypal will usually accept debit or credit card payments even if you do not have a Paypal account as shown here.

If you clicked the Buy Now button in the Network Notepad License Manager you are taken to a page like the one shown here. Click on Pay by Debit Or Credit Card. CC Payment    

If you clicked an Add To Cart button on the How To Buy Page you are taken to a page like the one shown below. Click the Check Out button to pay by Debit or Credit Card.
CC Payment

If paying with Paypal is not possible then please contact me via email to discuss other payment options:


3. How do I install a Network Notepad license file?

There are three ways to install a .nnl license file:

Double-click the .nnl/.nnel file to open it with the Network Notepad License Manager app and it will then install it to the correct folder and rename any existing license file.


Use the Network Notepad License Manager menu option: File > Install a license file.


Copy the .nnl/.nnel file to the Network Notepad program folder and rename the file extension from .nnl to .license *There must only ever be one .license file present in this folder or it may not work*. It is best to use one of the two previous methods shown.

4. Can I transfer a license to another PC?

Yes. The latest License Manager enables self-service license transfers. See here for more information.

5. Will you be writing a version for Linux/ Android/ iPhone?

Maybe when .Net Core has progressed.

6. Can the Enterprise Edition be installed at the same time as the Professional Edition?

Yes, you can install and uninstall the Enterprise Edition without affecting the Professional Edition.

7. How do you view the Network Notepad License Manager after the 30 day evaluation period has expired?

You will find the Network Notepad License Manager on the Windows start menu in the Network Notepad folder:

License Manager


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