Network Notepad Enterprise Edition

Revision History

New Feature: Added a Lock For Edit button and menu option to most forms.
Change: Disabled lockreminder().
Bugfix: Some controls for backbones may have been accessable when then document is not locked.
Change: OK button in Object Properties, Links Table and Diagram Properties forms is disabled when shared document is not locked, to match other forms.
Change: Startup order changed slightly.
Change: Standardised where Internationalisation is done for each form.
Change: Changing the language updates translation for library form immediately. Previously it only translated the library form on restarting.

Bugfix: Writing a lock file used the system DateTime format and could cause the lock file to fail to be read on PCs which use a different DateTime format. It now uses round-trip DateTime format.
Upgrade all PCs which use shared documents at the same time.

Bugfix: Some filestreams were not closed nicely.

Bugfix: After closing a multi-page document and opening a new document, some settings could be inherited from the closed document which could cause a save to fail with a Object Reference exception and/or errors to be logged about missing scripts.
Change: Improved error reporting.

NewFeature: Save Object Library to .zip file.
Change: Targets .Net Framework v4.8 in order to use System.IO.Compression library.
You must re-install to move from v1.0.x to v1.1.x due to the change of .Net Framework.

Change: Error reading object library shows more information.
Change: Lock button image is set only when it changes instead of every time it checks the lock file.
Change: "You already have the latest version installed" changed to "Reinstall to upgrade to version 1.1.*"

Bugfix: Setup Form: Changes to monitoring overlays were temporarily lost when switching pages.
Change: User-defined tools which refer to $ipaddress or $hostname are disabled if the variable is empty.
Change: Missing bitmap icon is drawn at default scale in library rather than using the missing graphics scale.
Bugfix: Could lock a document after the document was closed.
Change: Reload button disabled when no documents are open.
Bugfix: Double-click object goto next diagram was broken for shared documents.

Change: Translation updates

Bugfix: PromptSave() function did not return correct result for default file "netdiag1.ndg" if clicked Yes to save changes and then Cancel at the SaveAs Dialog.
Change: SetCurrentDoc() only overwrites "netdiag1.ndg" if it is unmodified and at doc(0)
Change: AddURL() will no longer add "netdiag1.ndg" to recent files list.
Change: Licensing improvements and support for more license types.
Newfeature: ObjectConnectivityReport tool.
Bugfix: When maxdoc is replaced by a new doc, it briefly switched tab while closing maxdoc and this added an extraneous file to url_list().

Bugfix: Application failed in various places if the PC region/culture was set to tr-TR (Turkey) due to the way culture affects some string functions. e.g. library2.plf failed to open, Undo/redo failed.
Change: Improved error message dialog. Messages now word wrap.
Change: Polish translation update.
Change: Italian translation update.
Change: Rewrote AddToRecentList().

Bugfix: License Transfer URL failed if the transfer_code contains "0x" or "0X" due to web hosting provider blocking query strings containing those sequences of characters.
New features: New Monitoring tab in Setup form gives access to customizable overlays and default node monitoring options.

Bugfix: Library: File > Copy Object Library would fail if any of the files are missing.
New Feature: Library: Restore Default Library menu option resets the library folder to the default and opens the default library file.
Bugfix: Library: Shapes and script objects were not correctly scaled in library if preceeding objects in library were rescaled metafiles.
Change: Library: Open Object Libraries Folder opened default library folder rather than the folder where the current library is located.
Change: New help directory structure.

Bugfix: Object Library did not correctly handle metafiles with horizontal and vertical resolutions other than 96dpi.
Bugfix: Error message when trying to use Object Properties, Quick Rotate-Flip feature with .emf type objects.

Bugfix: An error during start up such as file not found loading default diagram could result in a spurious message "AsyncMsgbox() Unexpected form name"
Change: Translation updates.
Bugfix: After renaming a link style had to reselect the link style before making further changes to it.

New Feature: Auto-run tool on document load. Configured in Document Properties. Must match a tool defined in a toolset.
Bugfix: PDF export scale_adjust changed from integer to double as sometimes resulting pdf was slightly over 200" and gave error in Acrobat reader.
Bugfix: Did not select default 100% zoom in various places if custom zoom settings defined.
Change: ShapeUnpack() dimension1 was converted to integer, now is a single.
Change: Format Link Styles form review. Fixed issues switching between primary and secondary link styles. Added Clone Button. New button loads a default plain black link.

Bugfix: If cursor is waitcursor at point of offering page resize, cursor could get stuck as waitcursor.
Bugfix: Object Properties Toolbar, Name textbox width was zero.
Bugfix: Object Properties Toolbar, undo/redo transaction logged when no changes were made to name and address labels.
Bugfix: Object Properties Toolbar, label position combos logged undo/redo transaction when setting not changed.
Bugfix: Text Properties Toolbar, undo/redo transaction logged when no changes made to X/Y value if value is a decimal.
Bugfix: Format Shape: Update All checkbox enable logic was not right.
Change: Translation updates.
Bugfix: ImageScalingSize for menus in library was wrongly set to 24x24.

New Feature: Added support for a license transfer password. On request an additional password can be added to license files which is prompted for when using the license transfer procedure. This feature was implemented for a customer who deploys Network Notepad in the classroom, to prevent students transferring the license file.
Change: New OV code signing certificate.
Change: Added translation slots for Hosts and Node Status Reports.
Change: Added error trap around File.GetLastWriteTime in LockRefreshTimer after error seen on resume from sleep.
Change: When prompted to view setup following failure to a execute tool, the relevant toolset is displayed and the relevant tool highlighted.

Bugfix: $appdir variable was broken.

Bugfix: Status from NNMonitor not shown if object has a parent object with no address.
Bugfix: Links Table - headers incorrect for some languages.

New Feature: Added "Show Overlays" to Options menu to temporarily turn off overlays (LEDs, Xs) from NNMonitor.
Change: $DOCVAR changed to $DOCVAR1 in Diagram Properties Form.
Bugfix: A state change from NNMonitor could cause an outside bounds of array error in a multi-page diagram if the state change occurred in a page other than the current page.
Change: Node menu is now also present in the context menu for objects. It currently only affects the primary address of the object if it has more than one address.
Bugfix: Canvas caption "Locked and ready for editing" was not cleared after changing a document from shared to non-shared.

New Feature: Added a Fit Height option to Zoom menu.
New Feature: Support for custom zoom settings.
Change: Added $notes1, $notes2 variables
Change: Enterprise Edition Unlock button sends refresh signal to NNMonitor and NNClient (future product).
License Manager v3.7 has Hardware ID textbox set to ReadOnly
Bugfix: IdentifyObjectsForAllNodes() was not using a separate list for keys causing collection was modified exception
Bugfix: Deleting tools from Setup Form, User Defined Apps tab did not work correctly.
Bugfix: pdf export could fail with large diagrams
Bugfix: pdf export may result in a pdf larger than the standard 200 inches resulting in an error when opened in Adobe Acrobat. Large diagrams now scaled to fit less than 200 inches.
Change: SaveDocument() version line written only once at top of document rather than on every page.
Change: Reorganised Diagram Properties Form.
New Feature: $docvar1 variable. Configured in Diagram Properties Form.
New Feature: Node context menu added to address labels.

Change: New method for drawing overlays (LED and X symbols) used with NNPing and NNMonitor.
Change: New protocol for windows messages between NNPing, NNMonitor and Network Notepad. Updated NNPing and NNMonitor.
Change: Extended some tables which had limited size.
Change: Speed improvements.
New feature: Node Status report.
New feature: Flashing overlays.
Compatible with NNMonitor v1.0.11

Bugfix: ValidatePositionOnScreen() did not adjust position of form after switching from dual to single screen if secondary screen was left of primary screen.
Bugfix: Library keep on top menu option sometimes needed to be selected twice.
Bugfix: When clicking the reload document button and you are prompted to save changes, Cancel resulted in being asked a second time to save changes.
Change: SplashFrm uses .owner rather than .topmost
Change: Installer details updated with VersionInfoProductName, VersionInfoVersion, AppCopyright.
Change: Icon shown in Windows Add/Remove Programs app.

New Feature: File > Import CSV Data. Adds objects from a CSV list with format: Name,Address,Type
Change: Export To PDF shows a progress bar.
Change: ALT-Click centres on object or label
Change: Quick RotateFlip now working for flipX, flipY and flipXY for Script Objects.
Change: Quick RotateFlip disabled for shapes.

Bugfix: Export to pdf could fail in larger diagrams on 32-bit editions with Out of Memory error. Pages above a set size are now rescaled before export to reduce memory use. Size can be overridden with registry setting.
Bugfix: Export doc to pdf failed to scale fonts correctly where pages use different resolutions.

Change: License Manager gives more information if you attempt to install an Enterprise Edition license file in to Professional Edition.
Bugfix: Did not show outlines when pasting discovered objects from CDP Neighbor Tool.
Change: License Manager shows warning if more than one .license file is present in the application folder.
Bugfix: Splash Form and About Form did not display ambersand character in license data.
Bugfix: Fixed memory leak(s) in PDF export code.
Change: Cursor reset to default following unhandled exception.

Bugfix: Setting default document netdiag1.ndg as a shared document prevented you saving or locking the file.
Bugfix: With Maximum Open Documents Set to 2 or more and the current document locked for edit, File > New did not show the correct state for the Lock and Edit button.
New Feature: Added flashing lock button reminder.

New Feature: "Keep on top" menu option in Library.
Change: Improved error reporting for texturefill command.
Bugfix: Removed some incorrect uses of .topmost.

Bugfix: Export to pdf. Labels set to default font may not be visible in pdf.

Bugfix: Format Script Form: Error when switching from script to tabular view.

New Feature: Script Object Gradientbrush.

New Feature: Workgroup folder for styles and templates. Place any of the following in the folder: linkdefs.nls, textdefs.nts, *.ndg templates.
Bugfix: Following an error, dialog windows such as Format Link Styles may not be visible due to the main form being topmost.
Change: Improved error handling in object library form.

Bugfix: Fixed a number of issues with texturefill.
Bugfix: Delete page tab did not reselect current tab if deleted page was above current page.

New Feature: Script Objects texturefill command
New Feature: Script Objects antialias command
Bugfix: Format Script Object: brush table did not always show the correct colour in the colour picker cells
Change: Disposed of some resources which previously relied on garbage collection to free up.

Bugfix: Combining a rotation with a non-proportional scale in a Script Object draw or fill command was displayed incorrectly.
Bugfix: Zoom 300% menu item was not translated.
Bugfix: Backdrop file picker showed .jpeg but not .jpg files.
Change: Online library and help uses https instead of http.
Change: When switching from two screens to a single screen, the main or library windows could be restored to a position off screen and not be accessable unless you know about Shift+Windows+Arrow key. Forms are now repositioned automatically.

Change: Improved pdf export. Rotated text is now searchable.
Bugfix: New page was not positioned correctly after clicking File > New.
Bugfix: Failed with errors when doing File>New if maxdoc>1 and current page>1.
Bugfix: Paste after using bookmark could cause an error.
Bugfix: View->Fit Visible did not allow for multiple documents open/ multiple tab bars.
Bugfix: Insert Link menu option was not disabled when all documents closed.
Bugfix: Insert Link menu option was not disabled when a shared document was not locked.
Bugfix: Format Script Object could fail with System.ArgumentNullException when adding first script to a page.

Change: Added Library and Online Library options to View menu.
Change: Added Link to Insert Menu.
Bugfix: Online Library button tooltip was not translated.
Bugfix: Opening Format Script Object form could fail with index out of bounds error after inserting a new page.

New Feature: Added View menu with zoom to fit, fit width and view normal options/ shortcuts.
New Feature: Added option to export page/document to .pdf
Change: PdfSharp.dll is now installed. Licensing information for this file can be viewed in the file "Readme PDFsharp.txt" in the Network Notepad program folder.
Change: Added short cut keys for SaveAs, Close File and Exit.

Bugfix: Default blank document was not editable.

Change: Supports page sizes larger than the normal maximum page size by automatically zooming out until the page fits.
Change: General improvements to ReadDiagram().
Bugfix: Improved handling of failure to load a document.

New feature: Shift + mousewheel scrolls page left and right.
Change: default zoom added to page_settings.
New feature: right-click zoom combo toggles between default zoom and current zoom.
Bugfix: When saving document, progress bar did not work correctly.
Change: Additional tooltips on Setup Form, User Defined Apps tab.
Bugfix: After all documents were closed, the menu and toolstrip controls still had access to the data for the last document closed.
Bugfix: Cancelling save changes to library during app shutdown caused an error the next time the library was opened.
Change: License Manager 3.5 updated link to .shtml and #LicensePacks instead of #MultipleLicenses.
New feature: You can now choose whether Copying objects includes any float text via a setting in the Setup Form.
New feature: Colour of the link termination indicates whether the link is centered or not.
Bugfix: Error when repeatedly pasting new scripts in via the Format Script Object form.
Bugfix: Pasting script into Format Script Object form did not overwrite default script.
Bugfix: Refresh button colour was not reset after loading a new non-shared document.

Bugfix: Possible fix for very occasional error on close down.
Bugfix: Library may not draw a script object with the correct options if the script contains paint commands.
Added checks to GetScriptTableFromStringArray() and PackTabularViewToTmpScript() to ensure options are valid when clicking refresh button.
Change: Added text_style to ignored statements when pasting to script view in Format Script Object.
Change: Added trims to AlignmentTableEntryPack().

New Feature: Script Objects options statement now supports a menu mask parameter.
New Feature: Script Objects "option end" statement enables drawing to continue after options.
Bugfix: Options menu not built correctly if the very first command was an option statement.
Bugfix: Spacing between fields was not right in fieldsupdate().
Change: Further optimization of fieldsupdate().
Change: SaveDocument() writes "options" instead of "rflip" in object table header.
Bugfix: If multiple documents are open and a further document is opened forcing the closure of a document, it was not handled correctly.
Bugfix: Paint commands may not be executed correctly on some pages.
Bugfix: Script options could be changed while document was not locked in Enterprise Edition.

Bugfix: Could write to incorrect library from Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Bugfix: Could lose changes to current library if a new library is selected in Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Change: Minor changes to wording used in Format Script Object form.
Change: File>New now prompts to save changes before bringing up the template selection dialog if the current document will be closed.
Bugfix: Object X,Y scale values less than 0.1 were not saved.

Bugfix: Could write to incorrect library from Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Bugfix: Could lose changes to current library if a new library is selected in Format Script and Format Shape forms.
Change: Minor changes to wording used in Format Script Object form.
Change: File>New now prompts to save changes before bringing up the template selection dialog if the current document will be closed.
Bugfix: Object X,Y scale values less than 0.1 were not saved.

Bugfix: Deleting a row in the pen or brush table in the Format Script Object form blocked further work on the script object.
Bugfix: Library form could be displayed unnecessarily on clicking OK in the Format Script Object form.

Bugfix: The Show Linknodes option caused an error "Value Cannot be Null" if the diagram used the Curve or Curve2 linkstyles.

New Feature: You can now move a link from one object to another by dragging a link termination point from one object to another.
Bugfix: Changes made in the Object Properties Form did not update link positions.
Bugfix: Drag and drop multiple link termination points did not always drop to correct position.

New Feature: Added Hosts Report to Reports menu.

New feature: When labels are attached to links you can now choose whether or not the label is rotated to follow the slope of the link.
Change: After changing label position using label context menu, all selections are reset.
Change: After changing label type using label context menu, all selections are reset.
Bugfix: Ungroup was enabled for anchored items. Attempting to ungroup anchored object caused error.
Change: Label context menu Set Type now works for all selected labels.
Change: Syncronised .ndg file format between Pro and Enterprise editions. Logic added to Pro edition to block loading Enterprise diagrams.
Change: Caption shows product name when form minimised.
Bugfix: Changing label position did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Centre Connection Point did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl dragdrop did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl delete page did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Tabctrl paste page did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: Double-clicking a page tab to rename a diagram did not check if a shared document was locked.
Bugfix: Renaming Diagram: Cancel button on inputbox blanked diagram name.
Bugfix: Link intersect feature was broken.
Bugfix: Nudge did not set diagram modified flag.
Bugfix: When loading a new document and you are prompted to save changes to the current document, Cancel button did not cancel loading new document.

Change: Command Line options refresh.
New Feature: Can specify page from command line.
New Feature: Added browse button to Workgroup Object Library in Setup form.

Bugfix: Recursion error reported if Script Object contained 7 or more paint commands.
Change: Further improvements to Format Script Object for library context.
Bugfix: SaveScriptToLibrary() duplicating child scripts.
Bugfix: Indentation used by SaveScriptToLibrary() did not match SaveLibrary().
Bugfix: Rename bitmap failed with "file being used by another process" after dragging and dropping a bitmap file to library.
Bugfix: Link could fail to align if a linknode is auto-added when a connected object is moved and auto-align is switched on.
Bugfix: Format Shape failed from library if it was the last object listed.
Change: Format Shape and Format Script Object save to library now saves to memory rather than disk.
Bugfix: Changes to library could be lost if save to library done from Format Shape or Format Script Object forms.
Change: Library now indicates unsaved changes with "*" in the titlebar.
Change: You are prompted to save any changes to the library when exiting the program.
Change: Installer filenames are moving to .exe instead of .zip as this appears to work better with Windows Defender Smartscreen.

Change: Improved Clone option when using Format Script Object from a local library.

Change: New OV code signing certificate.
Bugfix: Shared document setting could be retained when closing a shared document and opening a non-shared document.
Bugfix: Improved CeateLockFile(). Handles two simultaneous attempts to lock.
Bugfix: AlignNode adjusted for grouped link nodes (Relative x/y values).
Bugfix: AlignTermination doesnt add nodes if called with undoredo flag false. e.g. used during Undo/Redo and so messes up undo/redo table.
Change: Improved updateautoalignlinks for grouped Link Nodes (deleting node triggers).
Change: Improved lock file polling.

Change: New indicators on menu bar replaces the selected items text box.
Bugfix: Format >Make same size could leave labels incorrectly positioned.
Bugfix: Pressing the tab key on the Object ToolStrip YScale value did not apply the new value.
Change: Improved selection state following unlock of an object or label.
Bugfix: Position of locked relative label was adjusted incorrectly when resizing parent.
Change: Object Toolstrip displays object #number.
Change: Text Toolstrip displays label #number.
Bugfix: Updating a Script Object in a library did not replace the original script if the script name contained a space.
Bugfix: A single undo or redo did not flag the diagram as modified and so the diagram was not automatically reloaded when another user subsequently locked the file for edit.
Change: Undo redo start/end transactions improved for Group Lock/Unlock.
Change: Title bar indicates if document is a shared document.
Change: Improved grouping of labels with links.
Change: Selected items cleared when switching to paste mode.
Bugfix: Position of labels improved when attaching to links.
Bugfix: File>New could set link indicator to wrong size if the page resolution changes.
Change: Some consolidation of functions/handlers.

New Feature: Object Properties Form: The diagram snapshot is now dynamically updated.
Bug Fix: Cursor continued to indicate rotate when shift key pressed anywhere on the diagram following a rotate indication on a label.
Bug Fix: File>SaveAs or SaveAll did not update last write time for document and so could result in spurious refresh button turning red.
Change: Reduced flicker when loading a document.
Change: New License Manager v3.3 remembers settings when not licensed.
Bug Fix: Labels were not always positioned correctly after Format Shape and Format Script Object.
Bug Fix: Links were not always positioned correctly following a rotate or resize.
Bug Fix: Nudging was enabled in shared documents not locked for edit.
Bug Fix: Link Styles context menu was enabled in shared documents not locked for edit.

Refreshed code associated with Links Table.
BugFix: Undo/redo may not work correctly after changes made in Links Table.
BugFix: Links Table did not preserve link style override.
BugFix: Allowed edit of To column in links table, though had no effect.
Change: New unicode installer with additional languages.

Change: Further improvements to Object Libraries form.

Change: Object Library code refresh.
Bugfix: Removed a reference to Professional edition in License Manager.
Bugfix: Changes made in Links Table did not mark document as modified.
Bugfix: Warning message could occur after undo-paste e.g. "Warning: Label 54 is relative to object 37 but that object number is invalid for this diagram. Reset Label relative object number to 0.".
Change: License Manager added copy button next to hardware id.

Bugfix: Improved deleting and adding labels via the Links table.
Bugfix: Cosmetic changes to Object properties form.
Change: Improved License Manager.

Initial release of Enterprise Edition.


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