Network Notepad Client/ Server
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Network Notepad Client/ Server Features:

  • Network Notepad Client has all the features of the Enterprise and Professional Editions plus you have the option to create diagrams which automatically show the status of network nodes. These diagrams trigger a connection to a Network Notepad Server which monitors the network and supplies node status updates to the Network Notepad clients.
  • Network Notepad Client/ Server gives you a similar visual result to NNMonitor except the server does the network monitoring rather than the clients. The server runs 24x7 as a Windows service or from the command line to monitor the nodes in a diagram and provide status information to multiple clients. For more information on how it works, see the Network Notepad Client/ Server section in the documentation link below.
  • Network Notepad Server can send out email alerts if a node changes state.
  • Network Notepad Server is licensed when you purchase one or more licenses for Network Notepad Client. 

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